101 in 1001

So i have been seeing this on a few blogs and I think this idea is fantastic! Not only do you get to write out all the things you want to do but they make for great blog posts and really give an insight into what is important to you! Here is my list below but check out these other ladies as they have a few amazing ideas that i needed to borrow…

Lizzie’s list: 101-1001Yelena BosovikVictoriaKelsey HomolkaMindy/

Start: May 26, 2014

Finish: February 20, 2017


Complete 1st part of NCIDQ exam

Be featured on The Everygirl apartment tour

Make blogging a business

Complete 5 freelance projects

Work for an NCIDQ certified designer

Finish personal interior design website

Invest in business cards

Guest post on someone else’s blog

 Create a blogging calendar and follow it November 2014 its going pretty strong and very helpful currently its on my phone but I’m hoping to get something more visual for 2015.

Join a profession organization and become involved

Buy a domain name (combine blog, website, and portfolio in one)

Have 100 followers  on my blog that i do not know

Get professional pictures taken

Have a blog post repinned on Pinterest


Perform in a pole dancing recital

Establish meatless Monday

Do 4 hiking adventures: 1. Tillamook Head, Memorial day weekend 2015

Put Reptar in an agility and training class

Try a new work out

Stick to a 3X a week workout routine for 1 month (lets be real)

Instead of hitting the snooze play fetch with Reptar for the summer

Buy all veggies from the farmers market during the open season


Participate in a bible study group

Work as a Sunday school teacher at least once a month

Get a devotional and finish the whole book

Learn 15 bible verses by heart

Attend church every week (does not have to be Sunday)


Go to Vegas

Take a beach day trip  July 12,2013 Marine Drive Portland, OR

attend a destination bachelorette party  – June 19-23 Future Mrs Elise Mahon S Lake Tahoe, CA

Go with my sister to college

Spend a week down south with family

Use my passport before it expires (2019)

Stay at a bed and breakfast

Visit the fashion district in New York

Visit my God children in Florida

Visit all theme areas for Harry Potter at Universal Studios

Take a vacation alone

Caribbean Cruise


Take a photography class

attend a painting or sculpting workshop

Learn to make sushi

Photoshop web series

Start watching the news in the morning – I actually have really been enjoying this one! Helps me stay informed.

Things to do

Attend a gallery event  Koyoto Boutique and Gallery 7/3/2014

Attend a restaurant opening

Go zip lining

Horseback ride on the beach

Attend and OSU game as an alumni

See Lady Gaga in concert (for the third time lol)

Host a grown up dinner party complete with theme

Go berry picking

Go on a blind date

Go skinny dipping  Rogue River, OR 9/14/2014

Go to a musical

Try stand up paddle boarding

Be a bridesmaid 7/27/2014 Mr. and Mrs. James Nelson

Rocky horror show showing (and dress up of course)

Play poker at a casino

Go to an all white party

Be in a burlesque show

Party on a Yacht Rock the Yacht BME 8/9/2014

Offer to buy a guy a drink Shot of fireball The Do Over PDX 2014 (Zach)

Me time

Attend brunch  Screen Door Portland, OR Raes Lakeview Lounge: seriously brunch is amazing and bottomless mimosas are heaven

Make an occasional table

Create outdoor pallet furniture

Plant and herb garden

Find and everyday lipstick

Complete 10 around the home storage solutions from Pinterest: 1.Mason Jar makeup brush holder 2. Necklace Organizer 3.Shower Caddy install 4.Glass Storage for makeup Check out Pinterest Saved my Bathroom

Create 5 bar inspired cupcakes

Go to the movies No Good Deed, 9/15/2014

Things to buy

Two St Louis Lucite chairs


Hot lingerie

Good camera

Kitchenaid mixer (hot pink)

My first apartment

High thread count sheets

Vanity table

High quality and complete makeup brush set  Christmas gift from my Mom 2014


Send birthday/holiday cards or small packages to at least 15 family members- 1.Altagracie Middleton

Call my grandma and aunts each once a month

Get a tattoo with my sister and mom

Take pictures with my siblings as a gift to my parents

Make dinner for my parents


Send birthday cards or small package to at least 10 friends

Have dinner with a friend or drinks once a week– Wine Wednesday!! (EST. October 2014)

Help a friend complete a redecorating/remodeling project

Random acts of kindness

Buy a homeless person lunch Purchased meals for 10 homeless people (Union Gospel Mission)

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Become a big sister

Buy the person behind me coffee  Starbucks, NW Portland 7/18/2014 Croissant and Nonfat with coconut milk vanilla frappuccino  with whip

Babysit for one of my friends so they can have a date night

Bring baked goods for the office Lime Sugar Cookie 7/30/2014

Money matters

Consolidate my student loans

Pay off my car

Implement the envelope method and use cash more

Invest in a retirement plan 3%-5%

Fill my piggie bank and take a trip with the proceeds

Keep the automatic transfer of $25.00 in savings

Pay off credit cards

Now….. Its YOUR turn! Create your list, write it down, send it to me, save to a word document, post it on your bathroom mirror, just get it done! See anything on my list that you wanna do to? Add it to yours! Send me your list and I will post the 1st five on the blog and stay in contact to keep me updated on your progress!


3 thoughts on “101 in 1001

  1. Chloe Logan says:

    I love this list! I’ve never bought a homeless person lunch, but I have purchased snacks or whatever for them. When I was studying in D.C., there was one guy who always hung out in front of Safeway, so we all knew him and would grab him a Coke or bag of chips or so. Smart move on his part, he was always well fed! Sending holiday cards is also in my 101 in 1001 list. 🙂

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest


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