Blog Launch!!

Welcome to Creative Quaintrelle!!! Β I had a blog previously but with a new life I think i need a fresh start. Starting with my new apartment! I haven’t lived on my own ever! THIS little baby is officially my first apartment and I am very excited to share this experience with you. When looking for my apartment I looked at a variety of things:

  • location
  • dog parks and park proximity
  • do they accept pets?
  • Washer and dryer in unit
  • outdoor living space
  • pool
  • gym

This apartment is only missing one thing, LOCATION I do want to be closer to the city but, I will work on that for next time. I have been living in my apartment for about 4 months and I am currently working on decorating, doing DIY projects, and space planning my space. I cant wait to show you more in my next posts!





When it came to my apartment I first splurged on two items: great mattress and fully outfited the kitchen. What did you have to absolutely no way around it have to have in your first apartment?


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