Top 15 Single Ladies Fridge/Pantry


Women in relationships VS single ones

Single women return home, take a look what’s inside the fridge and go to bed. Women in relationships return home, take a look who’s in bed and turns to fridge.

Being single is the best involuntary diet I ever went on. Literally I don’t feel the need to have three square meals and two snacks because of the simple fact that eating a bowl of cereal at 2am is so much easier. I cook large amounts of food on the weekend for meal prep for lunches during the week and then eat a bowl of cereal. Sometimes I come home and I say to myself:



“Popcorn and beer for dinner while watching the Bad Girls Club?”

“You just read my mind!”

The moment I knew things really change was when I looked at my grocery list and I noticed beer, wine, and rum had made their way to the top of the list and yogurt was down at the bottom. Here is my Top 15 of items needed:

Single Ladies

  1. Beer: I know some of you ladies don’t drink beer so here’s a tip from me to you PICK A FAVORITE BEER! Every woman should have one beer that they can enjoy and guess what you may have company and they may want a beer 😉
  2. Wine: I like to keep two bottles one open and one on deck. You may have a girlfriend over for an Orange is the New Black marathon and we all know wine bottles are a single serving.
  3. Frozen veggies: I like to have a wide variety for side dishes as well as a quick stir fry. Great thing is they don’t go bad I can never finish all the fresh veggies I buy.
  4. Eggs or egg whites: The wonder food can be eaten for breakfast, dinner and, needed for #5.
  5. Brownie mix: I try to keep one box just in case I get a chocolate attack
  6. Frozen chocolate chip cookies: see above
  7. Pasta: It’s a great meal for one as you can boil as much as you need.
  8. Brown rice: This side dish is great with everything and great for you.
  9. Tortillas: I personally get corn tortillas. They are quick for tacos or tostados for a fast dinner
  10. Frozen individual chicken breasts: I am a big fan of Costco and I buy their individually packaged chicken breast. They can be used as a protein in many dishes and they are low in calorie. Just take one out before you go to work
  11. Popsicle: In honor of summer I have started keeping these babies in the fridge. I am currently rockin Orange Creamcicles. The great thing about these is they are individually packages so you won’t accidentally eat ½ carton of ice-cream.
  12.  Microwave popcorn: First of all I have an addiction to Homestyle microwave popcorn. Second of all this is terrible for you but, I have to have it as it is hot, buttery, and perfect for movie watching.
  13. Russet potatoes or sweet potatoes: These are perfect for portion controlled meals. I use them with toppings for a fast dinner. I just put one in the oven while I take the dog to the park. See a few recipes HERE!
  14. Coffee: This is for when you wake up with a hangover on Saturday morning or you need to watch the sunrise on your patio/balcony.
  15. Fruit: Right now I have bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. Sometimes I eat them with yogurt for a snack or add to muffins or pancakes.

As a single lady grocery shopping has turned into a secondary item. When its just you, you kind of just shop as needed. What is your approach to the grocery games and what items does your home never go with out?


2 thoughts on “Top 15 Single Ladies Fridge/Pantry

  1. Nadine says:

    Hey girl 💋 I’m not single, but single or not, I’m a die hard apple fan (honey crisp are my fav). You can eat them as is or steam out the water and coat it with cinnamon and honey… Speaking of honey, I ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS have raw unpasteurized honey. For face mask, to sweeten things or to just eat outright. It’s liquid gold!!


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