24hrs in a day is not enough!!

Happy Monday CQ ladies! Yesterday’s post and the new book I am reading got me thinking about routines. Since I’ve been living on my own now for 6 months (Happy Anniversary!) I have gotten into a routine that I think works great for me but with the blog I am always trying to carve extra time to work on projects (because I love it!).

I am currently reading: How to Work for Yourself: 100 Ways to Make the Time, Energy and Priorities to Start a Business, Book or Blog. This book is a great short read and has many techniques on how to add more day to your day! Have a kindle or kindle app? Download for free at Amazon.


Typical me: If I wrote it all down it would go on forever…… This is just a cliftnote of highlights from each day, add in work from 730a-430p Monday-Friday


Church 8am

Dog park 10am

Meal prep: I try to make enough food for dinner that night and at least three lunches to take to work. I also make some sort of breakfast options (cottage cheese pancakes, muffins, and waffles) and snacks (steamed edamame, pasta salad, and white bean hummus).


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and Hit the Floor… Really those are the only things I have scheduled lol


Bad Girls Club… Reality T.V. is a during the week addiction




Sometimes my crazy friend Kelsie gets me to do happy hour and bar hopping… It normally ends with us staying out all night and me going to work Friday feeling ok until about 1:30pm when I start feeling like I may die.


If I didn’t go out Thursday… I may be able to be convinced or I may not even need convincing.


CLEAN!! On Saturdays I take care of everything. I start with the park in the morning for Reptar and then I do all my laundry wash, dry, and fold. I deep clean the kitchen and bathroom including mopping the floors. I vacuum and dust. This is all normally followed by sweeping off my patio and taking out food for Sunday meal prep. If it’s sunny there will be more park time for Reptar. I also try to work on blogging projects and go hang out with my friend Bri. This day can also include as needed: grocery shopping, oil changes, car cleaning and washing. The bar does follow sometimes lol

Here are my top ten from the book and a few of my own!book

Top ten

  1. Skip the snooze button: I plead the 5th? I love the snooze button! The time I spend in bed laying ½ asleep and ½ anticipating my alarm could be used more effectively.
  2. Bring your rooms back to ready: When you use something put it back where it goes! Very simple but, hard to do! I make the most mess when I’m trying to figure out what to wear!
  3. Prepare everything you need for the morning ahead of time. Pick out that cute outfit, get your lunch together, pack your purse, and find your keys! Completing these tasks the night before will save you a ton of time and stress in the morning.
  4. Sleep 8hrs or more for an entire week: try to go bed earlier, it’s hard to make this change and I know the time is precious but do it for a week you’ll be amazed at how this extra sleep can recharge you.
  5. Set a time limit for social media: My phone is literally attached to my hand… Try and set time to look through Facebook, twitter, Instagram, flicker, Pinterest, and blogs (including mine!) Now I say all this knowing this is the hardest one…
  6. Make a to-do list: This puts your day into perspective and I love seeing a crossed off list it’s like a trophy of the days accomplishments.
  7. Add exercise to your routine: I personally have a hard time doing this but finding something you like makes all the difference! Have a dog? Take up hiking. Feeling like a badass? Try pole dancing. There is a ton out there.
  8. Over cook: Make a recipe you love but don’t make a single serving make enough for lunch or make enough to freeze ½. Being able to not cook for a night will free up time for other things.
  9. Be an emotional rock: don’t waste your time with petty arguments and bickering. Water off a ducks back! Choose logic over emotions. Save yourself the time and the headache.
  10. Give yourself credit where credit is due: Being negative robs your energy and will keep you from pushing forward during your day and on your goals. Remind yourself of what you’ve done and it will energize you to do more!


Which ones do you want to adopt? Got more to add that would help?? I’ll take it!!



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