15 ways to CELEBRATE you

Sometimes we forget that the main person we need encouragement from  and the main person we need to feel appreciated by is ourselves! It is great to celebrate the final goal but, when working towards a goal a way to boost yourself is to celebrate along way!
Here are a few simple things you can do to celebrate yourself (trust me you earned it!)

1. Bake yourself some goodies
2. Go on a long walk: bring your favorite furry friend and get out and enjoy the sun
3. Buy your self something: you earned it!
4. Sleep in an extra hour: Here are the benefits!
5. Make your self breakfast with coffee and eat it in bed!
6. Do a  D.I.Y. project: celebrate success with a little creativity (link to past posts)
7. Take in a matinee by yourself :don’t share your popcorn
8. Read a book: I just finished reading The Fault in Our Stars
9. Paint your nails or go get your nails done
10. Take a hot bath with lots of bubbles
11. Watch a single season of a show on Netflix: don’t forget the pizza if you haven’t been watching Orange is the New Black please treat yourself to this immediately
12. Buy yourself flowers: the look of fresh flowers always lifts my spirits
13. Explore a new place that you haven’t been to in your city: new restaurant? Aquarium?
14. Do a happy dance: crank the music and pour the wine
15.Write down your three favorite traits about yourself and slip that piece of paper in your wallet. Pull it out whenever you need a little pick-me-up.



What do you do to take time for yourself and celebrate your success? Write one in the comments your idea may help someone!

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