Packin Aint Easy


Seriously packing for a girls trip may be the most exhausting geometrical mathematical job I have ever had to complete. I know that for everything I don’t bring I will sit and think about how much a want it when i get there. I also know that probably 1/2 of the stuff i bring will come back never worn. Here is how my brain works:

Step one: PULL OUT EVERYTHING! Any thing and everything i think that i may want to wear I pull it out. The conversation is something like this

“Oh what if we go out more than one night to the bars?” (highly possible)

“Oh and I’ll need some cute summery dresses!” (were going to a lake so I’ll live in crop tops and swim suits)

“Oh and bathing suit cover ups!” (i don’t even wear those)

I’m a psycho right!? Everything I bring out I start to justify why i “might” need it and how it “may” come in handy instead of saying seriously you wont wear any dresses grab the sweat pants for lounging and drinking games.

Step two: come to a realization that there are specific things that i have to bring and pull those items out also… seriously my first pile didn’t include underwear. Then i also pull out a second bag to fit things that can’t get crushed. Then i stuff my bag as much as I can and try to zip it! Success! Bag is zipped… oh yea I haven’t packed any makeup or jewelry…

Step three: Get on Pinterest and get my life together with packing tips, a new blog post, and come to the realization i have packed way to much stuff for a 4-day  3-night trip.

Step four: back to the drawing board!


Slide1 So this super cool website gave me the idea to make a list of the different activities in the day and what i would like to wear. Check it out! So i get home and I go through my bag and find that everything on the list is already in the bag minus one item…. epic fail…

If i cant get rid of stuff then i have to try to make more room. I took another tip from the website and used the roll method. I decided to roll some of my outfits into each other. Doing this is supposed to help make more room as the items get more compact.

Slide1 The roll did something bad it allowed me to add in a pair of jeans, a romper, a skirt, and a pair of shorts. I do like the fact that the outfits are now organized and the bag was slightly easier to close. So all in all these tips did help me. I will still have to bring another bag  but seriously how was I going to get a river float in there anyway! So one bag will be all clothes and the other bag everything else I think it’s a pretty good compromise. Happy packing to everyone as we hit vacation time just remember. Plan your outfits, leave a few items behind, and do the roll!!

Got any great packing tips that you always follow? Let me know!





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