Waxing: Not a D.I.Y. project

Yes Jacelyn this post was in my future! I have tried it both ways and heard tons of horror stories including the one you posted (do not eat or drink while reading). Its not worth it ladies drop the dough lay down and let the professional do their job… Seriously lol. If it is your first time waxing treat yourself to the professional first. Waxing looks like an easy task but 1st things 1st educate yourself… you will think twice about doing it yourself.
Here are a few statistics!
  1. 58 days: the average number of days women spend removing body hair in their lifetime
  2. 12 days: the average number of days a woman shaves each month
  3. 7,718: the average number of times a woman shaves in her lifetime
  4. 21%: the percent of women who prefer waxing to other methods
  5. 26%: the percent of women who prefer to have their brows professional waxed

I think if we can increase the amount of women waxing we can decrease the number of days spent removing hair hence more time to enjoy being hair free! Many of my friends say they are afraid to wax because they are scared of the pain but, try it first then decide! From my experience and I’ve been getting a variety of things waxed since high school it is completely tolerable nothing to be afraid of.

Advantages to professional waxing
Less painful
Can get those hard to reach areas
More relaxing than at home/ no interruptions
Clean and sterile environment
Less likely to get ingrown hairs
Hair will grow in thinner and less overtime
Not a daily activity: every 4-6 weeks
Professionals are able to determine hair growth direction which is key to a clean removal

1. Speaketh to thy esthetician: Obviously if she is doing your brows keep it to a minimum so you don’t look surprised after and honestly who can talk during an upper lip wax! Seriously to keep this a little PG if she’s  ripping hair from your naughty parts, distract yourself! Talk about the weather, talk about your last date, talk about what your gonna eat for dinner anything will work. The best esthetician can lead you in a whole conversation (I love talking to mine!)

2. Loyalty to thy esthetician is close to godliness: this girl will be your new best friend and will know your hair growth better than you. Please refrain from plucking or shaving any areas she has touched she now owns you… and trust me she will know if you pluck a stray hair

3. Exfoliate thy body parts: whether its bikini, underarm, upper lip, legs, arms Exfoliation will get rid of the dead skin and make for a cleaner wax job. Buy yourself some exfoliation gloves super inexpensive and way better than a loufa

4. Knoweth thy shapes: When it comes to a bikini wax go for what your comfortable with you don’t need to do the whole thing at first! Try the power strip, the Bermuda triangle, or the martini glass.
5. Stay on a schedule:
6. Tipeth thy waxer- I try to do 10% at the least
7. Knoweth thy wax types: Soft wax or strip wax is best used on your face (brow, upper lip) Hard wax or wax that uses no strip but actually becomes the strip is the best (depending on the person) for most other areas (bikini, underarm). This wax is great as it grabs the hair not your skin
8. Hydrate thy body: skip that morning latte drink lots of water and add elasticity to your skin
9. Findeth an esthetician not a hair stylist or nail tech: these are completely different professions! You want an esthetician who her job is to wax… i know it is nice to kill two birds with one stone but work with someone who does waxing on a daily basis with frequency your wax job will be a higher quality.
10. Relax: pop an ibuprofen, practice deep breathing, don’t psych yourself out I promise you whatever you’re getting waxed you can handle it.
4 months of training
5 years of experience
That is what my esthetician has under her belt. Not only is she one of the coolest girls I know but over the past two years she has been around through a lot! I get waxing and therapy. Seriously she does the best wax job of my life. Remember when thin was in? She has brought my brows back to their perfectly manicured full-figured selves.
This is what they do similar to a car mechanic, hair stylist, or computer technician. Sure you could do it yourself with an at home wax kit but in the long run your just gonna do a botched job, cause yourself a major headache, and end up needing a professional job anyway! Remember ladies somethings are D.I.Y. and some things are not!
Any other waxing tips? Give me those horror stories!

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