Whats in a Purse?


Deep… deep… down in the depths of a woman’s purse there are many secrets… Literally if you ever need anything ask a woman with a big purse and there is a possibility she may have it. Mary Poppins is not a myth many women hold that same bag lol. Seriously I’ve always wondered do I carry the same things as every other woman?


I believe the items a woman carries in her purse can give you a view into the way she carries herself in life. Some women are very busy, some women prioritize, and some women are ready for whatever!

As a social experiment I have asked many of my friends to dump it out and show me what they’ve got! These are very brave women and I appreciate them all!

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5 Slide6 Slide7 Slide8 Thank you to all the lovely ladies that participated. Please send me your address so that I can get you a little something in the mail as a thank you! Forgot to send me yours or do you want to be featured next time? Drop me a line! Crowd participation is always appreciated!


Happy Monday!

Whats the weirdest item you ever found in your purse?



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