Don’t keep it bottled up… PINTEREST FAIL

So I’ve been working on this project since last week trying to get it right and lets just say somethings are harder than they look! This started out as a happy post and turned into a Pinterest fail! Along the way I learned that some projects just don’t work out as expected lol. This post started out like this:

Transformation Tuesday!

So I’ve been known to keep a bottle or two of wine in the fridge just for happiness purposes. I’ve been drinking a good amount… of wine and other things and I have got myself a little collection started. I have also been eating cookie butter and lots of pasta so I have a few other glass containers too. Oregon is known to be a place that puts a high emphasis on recycling… but why cash it in when I can color it and put it on display!

Here is a little project that may take you some time (you gotta drink wine and eat pasta) but well worth it. With a few items and a lazy day you’ll have beautiful glass work in no time, so I thought. (These are for decoration purposes only, do not use for consumption or storage of food or drink) See original projectΒ HERE!





So after the first round didn’t work I tried another method. After I covered the glass in the Modge Podge solution I put in the oven at 200 degrees for 5 min hoping to dry them out more and get a lighter coating of the material. I thought it would help! Then I set both containers outside (it was 90 degrees!) I hoped it would help the process. I came home from work and saw the yellow looked ok but the wine bottle was still wet so I got the bright idea to turn it over and leave it upside down in the corner of my patio rail. Woke up in the morning still not dry! So I took shower and my dog started barking like crazy and came out to image 2…. sad day…

Here are the final bottles:

photo 3-4

Well better luck next time! Seems like the smaller containers work better and the wine bottles not at all. Have you had any projects not go so well or disastrous like mine!? Share with us!


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