Pineapple a Go-Go… PINTEREST WIN


After this weeks little fiasco I thought I might try my hands at something else for redemption! Plus I’m no quitter! If you have been following the blog I have been working on canvas re-dos (see one here!). I saw a project on Pinterest (BTW if you’re not following my blogging board you should be it’ll give you the insight into what’s next!) using magazine strips.

If you haven’t noticed I’m kind of into pineapples so of course to keep me thinking about my blog every night I had to do homage a la pineapple as an art piece with the Quaintrelle treatment. I’m not one to follow the rules so here is my take on magazine strip art.



Literally i have so many magazines (Cosmo of course) that I am glad I got to put them to good use. See the canvas on the left? It’s from a past post! Now is a good time for you to make your own! Be creative and of course show it to me and all the other ladies!


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