I hear wedding bells!!

Wedding season has hit me like a ton of bricks! From bachelorette parties to bridal showers to rehearsal dinners to the main event I am jam-packed all the way till mid-September. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the booze, getting dressed up, and the speculation on who will be next but seriously I see a lot of etiquette issues that shall be addressed! LOL As wedding season kicks it into high gear here are my top ten tips to remember.


  1. Open bar is not an open invitation to get to the point of drunk and falling over: Keep it together people, yes it is a party but it’s not your 21stbirthday.
  2. If you’re in the wedding party and you’re not attached to anyone (like me lol) don’t bring a date: Your there to celebrate your friend’s big day and trust me running around introducing your date and trying to occupy him while being in the wedding is a pain.
  3. Don’t wear white: I cannot say this enough times… DO NOT WEAR WHITE the Bride may act like she doesn’t care but all of her friends are looking at you like you have a death wish… Seriously my biggest pet peeve!
  4. You are not an NFL receiver and catching the bouquet does not determine your fate: Have fun! It’s just a game I’ve seen people literally snatching the bouquet out of the hands of others as hilarious as it, not cute.
  5. RSVP!!!! : The one thing I hear all brides complain about is the final head count for the big day. They did not send out gorgeous sometimes handmade invitations to have you just show up. There is food, seating, and allotment of space that must be meet so do them a favor and get it together. Also if you do RSVP show up they charge by the plate!
  6. As a bridesmaids maid be ready for anything: you’ll be super busy whether your making sure everyone signs the guest book, handing out programs, or taping boobs into dresses,  just prepare yourself for a long day that will be well worth all the drama.
  7. Do not show up late: Arriving early is always best! You want to be seated and ready to go ceremonies normally start on time you don’t want to walk in late.
  8. Eat before the wedding: The food is portion sized and you are not at home, this is not an all out eat fest. Make sure the bride eats! There is noting worse than a cranky bride in a corset.
  9. Have some etiquette: Keep the yelling and cussing to a minimum someones grandma is probably there. Learn what a salad fork is and keep it classy.
  10. Have fun: It is a celebration after all! As a friend of the wedding party it is your obligation to get out on the dance floor and cheer the loudest make the couple feel loved!

I just finished my first wedding this weekend and it was a blast. As you step into the wedding season remember my tips. Got any others? Share them below people need help lol.



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