Did you know?


Day 2 is 20 facts about me! I thought I should put a mix of everything. Seriously though… It was very hard to come up with 20 things about myself that I thought could be cool or potentially have humor. It’s so weird you know all these things about yourself but you probably don’t think they are that important. BUT maybe just maybe I have some similar facts to you and hopefully that will help us build a better connection and give me a better insight on what my readers need in a blog.


1. I was on Dance Team all the way through High School and some of College. Dance is one of my passions.

2. I am allergic to the outdoors grass, trees, pollen you name it. I have to get a steroid shot every year just to survive.

3. I am an avid reader. This year I have averaged about 1 book every two weeks and sometimes up to one book a week. Currently reading the Pretty Little Liars series, Divergent Series, and Orange is the New Black.

4. I have one brother (28), one sister (17) , and one step brother (24)

5. My parents are divorced and my Mother lives in Washington while my Dad lives in Atlanta. I would split time spending the school year with my Mom and the summer with my Dad

6. My Grandmothers both have the same name Altamese they were born 10 years apart.

7. In college I had a Spanish minor. ¡Hola!

8. I was a semi-vegetarian for 2years right before I went to college (no pork or red meat). There weren’t that many options in college so I reverted back plus I missed bacon.

9. My favorite alcoholic drink is Gin and Tonic with Lime

10. Halloween is my favorite Holiday. I love to dress up and since I couldn’t celebrate as a kid I try and go all out every year.

11. I have one dog name Reptar (yep from Rugrats brings back tons of nostalgia). He is a 4 year old pure bred German Shorthaired Pointer.

12. I have been wearing the same perfume since High School. It’s super hard to find these days so I always buy a huge bottle. Escada Rockin Rio

13. I have an extreme girl crush on Ruby Rose (look her up I think I’m in love)

14. I have 5 tattoos: swallow with the words freedom in a banner on my right hip, Anchor with roses on the top of my right foot; Orange, apple, and peach blossoms on my left shoulder blade, Aries symbol and word on the outside of my left ankle, Nefertiti bust along with my first name on my lower back.

15. In college I worked as a Residential Assistant (tattletail LOL). My residents loved me because I prided myself on being real with them and doing my best to keep them out of trouble (and helping them get into a little).

16. I love glasses so much that I wear fake ones sometime. When I was younger I would pretend that I couldn’t see the letters to try and get glasses but, I have 20/20 vision

17. I have no idea where my name comes from. My Mom says my aunt named me and my Aunts say she named me needless to say cool name no meaning.

18. I am a very girly girl I love all things girl pink and glittery but, I can still get down and dirty with the boys I’m talking wing eating and beer drinking. Being one of the guys is fun sometimes.

19. I am 5’6” and my little sister is 6’0”… She’s an amazon

20. When I am angry I love to clean. I will clean my whole apartment and move the furniture around then pass out from exhaustion.

Do we match up on any of these? Maybe we have the same tattoos? The same amount of siblings? Put your list of 20 facts and let me know about you! Maybe you will inspire a future blog post!

Until next time QTs


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