Are you afraid of the dark…

Happy Monday QT’s!!!

I am a little behind on my challenge but here is Day4!

When you’re a kid you might be afraid of the boogie man or afraid of the dark. When I was a kid I was afraid of Candyman. That movie still gives me nightmares seriously I should not have been allowed to watch that!



As your grow older your fears change. Will I ever find love? Will I be able to support myself financial? What about my parents health? What your afraid of becomes not something of your imagination but something that is influenced by the decisions you make.


What I am most afraid of right now is that I don’t know who I am, who I want to be or, what I want to be. I went to college and received my BS in Interior Design but I am currently only partially using my degree and knowledge. Where is that dream job? Blogging gets me even more confused because it allows me to have an outlet for everything that I love! Every day I wake up I get dressed and I’m like is this who I am? Is this the woman I want to be? When the hell am I going to get my life together? I’ve started to think I need to:


I spent the last 6 years with a man who I thought I was going to marry. I wanted to be a mother and a wife but now I cannot see how any of those things could fit in my current life. I enjoy having fun I am enjoying getting to know myself again and really just doing whatever the hell I want! I realized I have a lot more talents and dreams that need to be realized. Its scary to know that everything has changed and to realize that you can be the woman that you want.


There are so many things that I want to do that I’m afraid all of those things cannot exist in one person or one job. I guess you could just say I’m afraid of uncertainty. Although I feel as though at this time I’ve never felt happier or more alive I am just afraid to take a wrong turn. I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with things that were not what I wanted and I don’t want to do that anymore.



Whats great about me is that my fear keeps me pushing forward. When challenges arise or opportunities I am more willing to take them. If my career at some time changes or my hair lol I feel more open because:



Moral of the story: just because you are afraid doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it doesn’t mean you can’t more forward one step at a time. Don’t let your fear control you show it whose boss! What are you afraid of? I would love to know its great to have a good group of people around pushing you forward I’d love to be that inspiration for you. Comment below!

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