The view from BustyVille

The View from Bustyville

When blogging I always make sure I write about things that I know about. I know all about boobies and lets just say the view from Bustyville isn’t all its cracked up to be. In the USA there is a huge obsession with boobs. The average breast size in America has gone from averaging a 34B to a 34DD in the last 20years. Its fun to have racks on racks on racks but, I literally lost a piece of gum in my bra… never to be found again. While they make great storage devices there are sooooo many other things that really chap my ass when it comes to these things. Thank you to all of the ladies and gentleman that gave me candid suggestions on Facebook!


Big Shout out to all the lovely bloggers that gave me their insight from the group Birchbloggers!! If you see a name in bold click the link and check out some other cool bloggers out there!!

1. BOOB SWEAT: when I asked my friends on Facebook what they hated the most about boobs this was the first thing that came to them.

2. People always want to poke, touch, grab, or motorboat them and a lot of the time they don’t even ask. Women are the biggest culprits.

3. I have to readjust my boobs every time I bend over.


4. “When wearing a T-shirt its tight on top and loose on the bottom” -Male chest perspective lol.

“Fitting into dresses that I buy online. I’m generally a size two but my boobs are a size 4/6. It makes ridiculously hard to find dresses that fit my size!”

Brenda Lawrence Check out her BLOG!!

“As a 32DDD with a size 4 waist, it’s so hard to find bathing suits that fit because I have to order by cup size! No S/M/L for me!”

Chloe Logan Check out her BLOG!!

5. Something that drives me nuts is that my seat belt NEVER sits at the right position; I’m either getting choked out by the seat belt or at risk for going through the windshield cuz it won’t lay flat against me! -my crazy college friend (lol)

6. With larger boobs you can’t wear anything with a built-in bra or very small umpire area. Literally whose boobs really fit in there?!


7. Bras for bigger boobs normally come in white, beige, and black… We want hot pink, turquoise, and chartreuse!

8. Having to wear a bra was at the top of the list of disadvantages from having boobs. We wear them because it is socially acceptable not because its comfortable lol

“I sometimes decide not to wear a bra and always end up going somewhere cold or sneezing so I end up regretting that choice”

Hanna Crull Sher Check out her BLOG!!

The down side of having really small boobs is the constant battle between wearing or not wearing a bra….there is a fine line between sporty and slutty”

Brooke Glen Miano check out her BLOG!!

9. “Back pain!!!!! omg it’s awful!”

Tori Ostberg check out her BLOG!!

10. Not so favorite part – exercising! “They get in the way when you try to do certain things like lay flat on the ground.”

Esta Fiesta Check out her BLOG!!

Also exercising is just awkward! I have to wear a bra and sports bra and even then i feel I may injure myself lol and lets not even discuss the attention bouncing boobs get or a girl doing a bench press.

While there are the cons when it comes to boobs there are also many WONDERFUL things like the fact that they sometimes get me free drinks (no shame). There are many days that I’d love to leave them at home and set myself free but there are other days when literally I’m like thank God for these big boobs.


1. “My tatas got me a husband and pregnant!” -My Fabulous High School dance Coach

2. As we are now getting older one of the top reasons for loving your boobs I saw was being able to nourish your babies. “I love that my boobs have helped me nourish both of my kids and created a special bond with them”

Jenna Patterson Burns Check out her BLOG!!

3. I can put my keys, chapstick, ID, and cash in my bra meaning yep I don’t have to carry a purse! “They’re wonderful for concealing ALMOST ANYTHING!!! Grey goose bottles ,Firearms, car keys, loose change. You know regular stuff”, “I had a friend steal 3 wine bottles and tucked those bad boys under her breast” -my crazy high school friends (lol)

4. “Before I went on BC, I had no boobs and loved that I could wear anything with no worries but hated that I didn’t fill anything out. Now that I’m on it, I love that things fit better”

– Kiersten Boatwright Check out her BLOG!!


5. “Hmm…I don’t have boobs lol, I can jog without them bouncing into my face, no back pain, no sagging.. I can always wear a padded bra lol”

Celise Toi Hartgrove Check out her BLOG!!

6. I can balance my phone on them while I’m driving so I can be on speakerphone hands free

7. Bobbies help with adding curves to a woman’s figure. Who doesn’t like womanly curves?! Lets not forget about matching bra and panties sets!!


8. They are the best hand warmers and pillow rests lol

9. The reactions you get when you say “I wear a J cup”. Priceless! Literally makes men and women look like dead fish. Of course the men say,  “yea right prove it” and honestly so do the women lol

10. “With cleavage males can properly wear a tank top… #dontskipchestday #tankinanyweather” – AJ Middleton (personal trainer strength and conditioning coach at University of Redlands  and my brother lol)


What can you do people love them big, small, and in between. Remember ladies (and gentleman lol) work with what you got because those who don’t have them want them and those that do well we don’t want them but we’ll use them to our advantage as needed lol.

Are you wondering where all these wonderful pictures came from that spur my amazing comedy lol???? Want some more? Then you should defiantly be following me on Pinterest!


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