I CAN’T!!! 10 pet peeves

Day 7 consists of my Top Ten pet peeves. I am a pretty easy going girl but everyone has things that put them on edge. I thought this would be really hard to write but once you get going its almost like I hate everything lol.


  • When someone wants me to do things for them that they are not even willing to do for themselves.
  • People with bad handwriting, literally you have been practicing your whole life when is it going to get better?!



  • Girls who wear makeup and earrings at the gym, for what…


  • When my mom asks me, “Is that what your gonna wear?” It doesn’t bother me that she questions my fashion sense but that she acts like she never wore a crop top or a short skirt or high waist short EVER.
  • People who complain about my dog’s hair. I’m sorry I’m doing the best I can he freaking lives here 24/7 so deal.


  • Girls who DRAW in their eyebrows… I just want to attack their face with a baby wipe and have them start over, ironically I also hate brows that are too thin!


  • Adults that don’t eat vegetables. Soooo… what type of side dish do you have? You’re grown…..enough with the French fries (unless it’s a steak… or a burger lol) I can’t….
  • When Interior Decorators call themselves Interior Designers. I’m sorry honey so you picked out some curtains and some throw pillows? Excuse me while I knock out this wall to create an open floor plan while relocating the plumbing lines and specifying the subway tile backsplash… do you get it now????


  • When the movie is nothing like the book… seriously it is already perfect why do you have to burn down Ron’s house?


  • When my friends complain about my driving…



What are your pet peeves?! Come on… share a little!


One thought on “I CAN’T!!! 10 pet peeves

  1. Jaleesa says:

    I hate when grown people say they don’t eat vegetables too!! Grow up!

    I can’t say anything about handwriting, I write like a 12 yr old boy :/

    When I see a girl with drawn on eyebrows I pray for rain


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