I’m a good girl with some BAD habits



Bad habits come in many forms. They say it takes 21 days to make something a habit and that habits are what form our day to day life. Here are my top five!

Loosing things: I literally can put something down for one second and forget it. I have a bad habit of putting my keys in weird places and not back where the go and sometimes finding my keys in the morning has made me late to work. I’m just a little forgetful. The crazy thing is I have a key hook I have my clothes organized by drawer but I have a hard time following through with the system.


Over analyzing and over reacting: My friend Bri would call it “Classic Shar”. I am that girl who has 99 problems and 87 of them are completely made up by me due to over analyzing. I always like to look at situations from every angle and I feel like hmmm different shoes can change the situation or maybe I shouldn’t have had that last drink, or maybe I’m just not good enough and really there is nothing wrong at all! I battle mostly with myself when really I need to take a chill pill. I am either one of the two either I don’t care at all or I care way too much.





Being Late: This is a new bad habit for me. I have started to just move at my own pace. I am definitely on time when it is needed like to an event or a wedding but if we’re hanging out that night I may be late because honestly I have found even when I run late I still get there before everyone else. Time is relative.



Drunk texting: Yep… sometimes I do this and it is a very bad habit. Once I get a couple black opals in me I might just text someone because you know what I have the courage! Or maybe a song comes on that reminds me of a friend I may just have to text them some lyrics (Nikita- Left/right Nelly- I wanna dance with somebody, Carolyn-No Diggity). It is not an often thing but when I do reading the texts in the morning will bring me shame, laughter, or both. Most common words by me the next morning “Damn Sharia WTF”. On a side note I seem to do a very good job at spelling lol.




Not taking a picture when I wear a really cute outfit: Yes, I know this is pretty insignificant but, I am really working hard on improving my social media influence and voice. I  wear some super cute outfits (spend way too much money) and I think it is important that I document these things because they only help to improve my online presence. Taking pictures when I wear a cute outfit, attend a cool event, or create and amazing meal or D.I.Y. project is basically what I am on this earth to do. Sharing is caring lol. Sad thing is I always remember at the last minute and don’t end up getting great pictures then I end up not posting at all.


Happy Thursday! I can almost feel Friday and it feels damn good


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