Shine some light on the Situation…

A long weekend is the perfect excuse to get a little work done. This project has been sitting on my patio for at least two months. I was walking my dog one night and there it was with its wide base and large lampshade sitting next to the dumpster (no shame).

It was only a few days ago that I, who never buys light bulbs, finally bought a bulb just to see if the darn thing even worked! Yes I let a lamp that potentially didn’t work sit on my patio for 2 months….. Luckily it is in perfect condition and perfect for my weekend project that cost me a total of $10.00 (including the bulb).

I was inspired by an amazing photo on Pinterest. What!? You don’t follow me on Pinterest?! Here is a good excuse to do it right now!



I thought the lamp shade was so cool I decided toΒ redo my patio lamp in a reminiscent spirit!

picstitch (1)

picstitch (2)

picstitch (3)

The color on the lamp is Pink Watermelon! It was very fitting especially with theΒ drinkΒ I made this weekend!

photo (6)


Happy Monday? Lol Have a great night QT’s more coming your way this week… I may have to do a round two project I have a lot of paint sticks left!


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