Deal or no deal



Sometimes I have these very real conversations with myself…  a little self reflection if you will.  Dating is a lot like deal or no deal its all a big gamble. Its whether or not you want to keep going through all the low numbers to make it to the million. Women tend to over look the minor things things like taste in music, taste in chips, hygiene perhaps lol? These are all things that at the time you said aww that’s so cute or aww what divides us brings us together and ummm maybe that’s a load of crap! I am all for looking at another’s point of view but, I think it may be about time that I consider deal breakers.

…a few examples of the things that I have dealt with up until the gorgeous age of 26 (These do not all consist of the same male counterpart over the years there have been plenty that were clearly not the one lol)

Him VS Me


  • His favorite chips were baked Lays… is that even a thing that anyone who is not on a diet should like??? He also really liked plain Pringles… my favorite chips consist of Hot Cheetos and Salt and Vinegar Kettle Cooked. So obviously there were a few differences.
  • He wanted to live in a gated community in a suburban area. I wanted to live either downtown or in a northeast trendy eclectic neighborhood.
  • He was a homebody which there is nothing wrong with that essentially but literally he liked to stay home a lot… I on the other hand could go do something every weekend its doesn’t have to be a bar or a club it could be hiking, golfing, bowling, art show, brunch, happy hour, for goodness gracious just let me out for some fun!
  • He wanted a whole football team of kids or at least a starting five and maybe have me be a stay at home mom… Obviously he didn’t know about my ambitions to be a Bad Bitch…
  • He was barely passing his classes in school but definitely it was because of a lack of trying and many acts of procrastination while I on the other had was having no trouble at all… (cute but dumb)
  • He didn’t go to church… If that doesn’t speaks volumes I don’t know what does
  • His sense of style in all things was practically nonexistent he got by but definitely was not willing to try anything new… I change my style by the day as a woman I always buy clothes because it’s not that I don’t have anything to wear its I don’t have anything that reflects who I want to be that day.
  • He was only in town for 2 weeks… obviously I should have known he wasn’t the one lol
  • He liked to wake up very early and was cheerful about it… at no time was I able to be converted but I do a mean 11:30am until then especially on a Saturday keeps the lights off.

Obviously no one is perfect and you can’t expect a person to be just like you but all of us women have dated someone that clearly was not it. These guys were not necessarily the one but sometimes you need to place guys in the fling category instead of the boyfriend material section. We see so many articles on how to know you’ve met your husband or how to know your best friend should be your next boyfriend but, what we all really want to know is who to avoid.


The ten types of men you should avoid dating

  1. The guy who is “not quite” divorced: We have all met him, he’s hot and “separated” from his wife, its complicated he says. He will have a million reasons why it is not completed and none are good enough how about let him figure it first.
  2. The extremely insecure man: We all have insecurities but dating man with too many will be time consuming and bound to be a chore. Insecurity breeds jealousy, trust issues, and an overall lack of fun.
  3. The increasing less romantic with each date guy: No, he doesn’t need to plan 5 star activities all the time and we all know things can fall into routine, but things shouldn’t just fall off a cliff. Think of how it will be in a year’s time…
  4. The X-factor: this is the guy who clearly is not over his ex. He tends to say things like “she never wanted to do any of these things you are so cool”. He also gets super flustered when you see her in public and then proceeds to bad mouth her to you… no thank you
  5. The man with no manners: It is not your job to raise a grown man. There is nothing you can do in the way of training him up. He’s rude to wait staff, has an amazingly filthy apartment, drinks from the milk carton… honey run far away.
  6. The man who has never been in a relationship: don’t delude yourself you’re not gonna be the 1st. I mean at our age how is that even possible??
  7. The man who goes from 0-100 real quick: A man bumps into you at the bar, he has a bad day at work, and you didn’t call him all day… these are not reasons to turn into a raging idiot. Unresolved anger issues maybe?
  8. The casual man: if hes looking for sex and you’re looking for more there will definitely be someone with hurt feelings (you) but if you’re looking for fun grab hi8m but don’t go wishing upon a star for more.
  9. The I don’t like your friend’s guy: If a man constantly tells you he hates your friends and refuses to hang out with them run for the hills especially if he makes you hang out with his that you tolerate. No guy is more important than the girls!
  10. The jobless man: at this age this is just not going to work. A jobless man lacks ambition, skill, or maybe both. There are exceptions recently laid off, currently in school, recently out of school but as a human adult an income should be happening. Don’t get reeled into financing this man.

Any men that I missed?? Add them in the comments and let be clear these men are out there but there are so many other wonderful ones too!! Happy Monday!!

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