I love when I see something on Etsy or all over Pinterest and I just have to stop and think to myself, “People are paying for that?” This may be the most simple D.I.Y and inexpensive to make also. On Etsy I have seen this priced anywhere from $20-$60. Being that I already had the canvas and the paint this project cost me nothing but time! You can do the same for probably under $20 and you can add your on personal touches and make it YOU.



1.  I started off by painting my canvas completely one color. Once dry I drew in with a pencil the spacing and font I wanted to use. (don’t like your handwriting? Try a stencil or print letters from the computer) I then went and painted with my base letter color. Don’t worry about being perfect you will have to go over it to get the color dark enough and you can clean it up with the background color paint.

2. Next I went and applied another coat of paint for the letters to make it vibrant. Once dry I went back and cleaned up everything with the background color.

3. For my design I chose to emulate a  Lily  Pulitzers pattern. It uses two different pinks, red, green, and white (just buy red and white and mix to do different hues) See the tutorial here!

4. When done with the flowers I filled in the background of the letters to emulate the leaves. The leaves on the other words were created in a lighter green with a small brush then a highlight was added by mixing black into the green to darken it.

5. I didn’t feel as though the YOU stood out enough so I outlined it in black to make it pop.



Give this fun project a try for yourself! It was easy to do and can be matched with any decor. Have a great Monday!

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