Makeup Shopping

Hey there friends!! I’m trying to get the hang of the put out the teaser and then post the post but, I went to a fashion show last night (amazing) got home too late and went straight to bed lol. Please forgive me… Didn’t get a look at the teaser??? Follow me on Instagram @CQuaintrelle

Look What I bought! (1)

1. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Really great BB cream, adds great moisture while not leaving the skin oily. Helps to even out imperfections and makes makeup application very smooth and even.

2. Maybelline Fit me Powder 340

Remember ladies your summer color is not your fall color. In the summer I do bare minerals and bronzer. As my sun kissed skin fades I need a tone with less red and more yellow. This helps to bridge the gap between summer and fall.

3. Maybelline Fit me stick 330

Wanna cover up a blemish? Take out dark circles around eyes? Do a perfect brow application? This product helps with all of that. The center core contains a powder that also helps to combat oily.

4. Maybelline Kajal Eye Liner

I think my most dreaded moment is when I have to put on my winged eyeliner. I am pretty OCD in making sure both sides are straight, the same thickness, with the same angle. VERY exhausting. This eyeliner makes it virtually childs play. A swipe up from the bottom and connect at the top for eyeliner perfection.

5. NYX Matte Lipstick- Indie Flick

There were many makeup trends this summer and a pop of orange was high on the list of buy it and try it. Here’s a little secret… Orange is leaking into Fall.

6. NYX Slim Lip Pencil- Mauve, NYX Matte Lipstick- Whipped Caviar

Kylie Jenner is becoming a fashion icon and style maven of her own right and I must say these lips give me everything I need in a nude. Absolute perfection. These two products together cost me about $8.00 compared to the MAC version (MAC Whirl lip liner and MAC Brave lipstick). Dupe perfection!

7. Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm- Standout

My best friend Nikita (@nikitapink) swears by MAC Ruby Woo. It is the perfect red matte lipstick. I think this Revlon product that I got for about $5 met the mark also. MAC Dupe!

8. Revlon ColorBurst matte Balm- Shameless

A purple lip has become my new best friend. It has a vampy, poppy, sexy appeal and definitely stands out from the crowd. What can I say? I shamelessly love this matte lip pencil. Of course it’s another dupe… for MAC Heroine.

9. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Color- Black Cherry

When looking online this color is supposed to be a dupe for MAC Diva. Which is a dark dark burgundy and looks fantastic and is perfect for fall. I think this black cherry fits in its own glossy category and I can’t wait to rock it with all black.

As we jump into fall and fall trends ladies DO NOT I repeat DO NOT  be afraid to try something new! Wanna step up your lippy game a few more levels? Check out these 11 ways.  Happy shopping!


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