One Night Stand

This may be something that many people deny but, let’s be honest we’ve all had one or two… One Night Stands are a thing and with more people hooking up with no attachment it can almost seem like the norm.  I personally say do what you want and never do anything you don’t want to! Which brings me to a better question… What constitutes a One Night Stand???

One Night Stands (2)

I think that definition is pretty crystal clear but I have seen a few situations where this can get a little blurry. Sometimes it’s a one night stand to you and not to them or vice versa:

-“Is it a one night stand if I’ve know this person since middle school and we don’t normally hang out and we have sex one random time”?

-“Is it a one night stand if I meet him at a bar, we have sex one time, but I see him again once and he texts me?”

-“Is it a one night stand if we have sex in the morning too”?

-“What if we go to brunch the next morning but, he leaves town and I never hear from him again?”

Sadly these are all real situations, not that I’ve found myself in any of these lol.

There is something to be said about having a successful one night stand. We’ve all had a few horror stories, and some champion nights. I spoke to a few people over the last week about one night stands and here are a few uncensored comments. (Names have been left out and a few locations changed to protect the innocent)


-“Oh I remember this one time (little glint in her eye) that was a great one night stand, that one night stand turned into a two night stand”


-“So, he gets me back to his place and is like “let’s watch a movie”. Puts me in an empty room and I hear tons of noise upstairs and of course I’m like, “Well I’m about to get killed”. Comes back with a computer and a few blankets, “I don’t have a bed right now,” He says. “In retrospect I should have packed it up and went home but, we did it anyway lol it was good but I left immediately afterward”. “He was a good kisser”.


-“A guy that I worked with introduced me to his bother”. We all went out to the bar and we got pretty drunk, I even bit the guy on his chest lol.” “Went back to his brothers and stayed in the spare room, which was a mattress on the floor and there was a bassinet…  oh well I married him three years later”

-“One time in college I had a one night stand in a frat house where all the boys could hear, worst decision of my life but, great sex”

-“While out of town for a work conference I met a guy super-hot, English accent, late thirties” “I ended up staying in his room with him, but my phone died and my coworker called hotel security and asked them to check the security cameras because she had no idea where I went”. “I ended up getting back to my room 30min before the conference and went down a little hung over”

-“Saw some cute guys at the bar who my gay roommate was into”. “I’m not sure which team he actually played for because my roommate and I both hit on him, he flirted back to my roommate but, ended up in bed with me!” It was PG he didn’t even touch me but when I woke up he was literally sleeping face to face with me and I had to peel my face off his YUCK!” “Needless to say he bailed while I was in the bathroom, never saw him again”.


-“I had a one night stand in the back of my car… I was too embarrassed to take him anywhere but I really wanted to hook up”. “He left his shoes behind and I gave them to my brother a month later as a birthday favorite… Sharing is caring lol!”

“Hooked up with a guy in the front seat of his car while I had a broken foot, we were parked in a school parking lot and there was a point where security came around the corner with full flashing lights”.

“Went on a wine tour bus for a friend’s birthday, started chatting up a hot guy.” By the end of the tour we were in the back making out, but I got so sick I ended up in the bathroom with a bunch of girls I didn’t know holding my hair while I threw up.” Went home, hooked up, and he flew out-of-town the next day”


“Went to Rehab at the Hardrock (I think), this guy that worked there got us hooked up with a cabana with these Old Russian dudes.” “It gets a little fuzzy with the hotel and shower sex, woke up can’t remember if I walked the strip back or took a cab but, I needed to get back because I was checking out that day”. “I was so drunk I couldn’t even eat a salad but, my girls and I decided we should get drunk before the flight home!” “I still have his phone number lol!”

dd8c946b852ef19eb661443d5b447757-“Saw this guy out at the bar one night and made him my mission!” “Didn’t even meet him that night but the next weekend he was at a party in my house.” “Probably one of the best sexual nights I’ve had at some point one of my earrings got ripped out, this turned into a few month escapade because surprise he lived a few houses down!” “On another note on of my friends dads got to hear the whole story (on accident of course) while on a boating trip”.


So I guess there are a few rules when it comes to one night stands. Unwritten Rules of One Night Stands. I have to say it is amazing the wealth of information on one night stands online… I was pretty taken aback at the numerous pages and Pinterests pins i was able to locate. I have to say that Buzzfeed is amazing…. 24 things everyone experiences on a One Night Stand this article actually inspired this post. On Pinterest I get tons of ideas for the blog go ahead and follow my blogging board and get the inside scoop! 

Have a great Weekend!!


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