Holiday Prep

Ummm what was that? Did you say its mid-November and Thanksgiving is next week? Hilarious… wait… your serious?? Hello 2014?? Since when are you coming to an end so fast? I am completely caught off guard. With the end of the year comes the Holiday season. Time for treats, family time, and crowded malls with people buying stuff. Since this Holiday season has snuck up on me I’m sure it’s done the same to you! So how shall we get prepared?


1. Deep clean time: I love to start the Holiday season with a super clean uncluttered apartment. Clean the windows, put away those short that you’re dragging into fall, and empty out the fridge. You want to prepare your place for Christmas decorations, baking, and homemade gift making.

2. Stock the pantry: You want to stock up on the essentials for baking, cooking, and drinking. Nothing worse than running out of wine, sugar, or pumpkin pie spice in the middle of a recipe. What’s great is many stores have these items placed together on the end caps for easy shopping.

3. Do some additional meal prep: You know you’re going to be running around doing last minute things so make a few meals ahead, put some soup in the crock pot, pack up some snacks. This will also help cut down on the eating out and extra holiday weight gain. I always find I make better food choices when I’m prepared.

4. Plan your Holiday gift giving: Make a list of the people you would like to get gifts for and brainstorm a few ideas. It’s always good to have at least an outline. I’m going to do a few homemade tutorials and extras so stay tuned!

5. Make a Christmas bucket list: I feel like every year I want to go to Zoo lights or drink grown up hot chocolate and I forget. Make a list grab the girls or your little brother or sister and make some memories.

6. Buy or make Christmas cards: Sometimes people just want to know you’re thinking of them. I always find myself waiting till the last minute and then they don’t even arrive before Christmas. Do yourself a favor. Grab the wine, cards, and a pen.

7. Get your holiday outfits together: Need an ugly Christmas sweater start taking a look now. Don’t forget about work parties and New Year’s Eve… but you can never go wrong with classic black. Dress it up with a few new accessories.

8. Plan your menu: I feel for everyone who has the burden of preparing a meal to feed 10-12 people. Luckily I’ll be at my parents and I’m only responsible to bring a side dish if that. Last year I think I brought sparkling cider (even though we all know I can cook lol) Plan what you want to make, create a shopping list, and most of all make it special.

9. Give back: Earlier this year I donated to help prepare meals for the homeless during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. (My contribution was also matched!) I feel it is important to give back especially when many are just wondering what they will be getting. Volunteer, take time to help a friend, or donate.

10. Relax: With all the things you do during this season don’t forget to do things for you. Take time out and reflect. Look back on how far you have come and look forward to all the new things in store.

What’s on your holiday bucket list?


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