Be Thankful


1. I’m thankful for friends and family. My dad and mom are my biggest supporters. My mom gives me the real and my dad reminds me that yes I can do whatever I want and those are always good reminders. My friends are always there for me, helping with the fact that I think way too much and care way too much. Having people around you that bring out more of you is always a great thing (Special thanks to Brianna, Nikita, Kelsie, Carolyn, Leah, Gabriela, Michelle, Elise, Lily, Kori, Chanel, and Ashley)

picstitch (4)

2. I’m thankful that this year I am myself. Losing yourself in a relationship is a typical thing done by women. I have a tendency to not want to rock the boat, to bury my feelings, and do my best to please my partner. If you are doing all this you know who really losses? You! I’m thankful that my hair is short and blue, I wear what I want, and I say what I want when I feel it. Being myself is a great thing to be thankful for.


3. I’m thankful that I have the things I need. There is something to be said for having, a place to live (decorated to your taste impeccably), food on the table, fabulous clothes, and a healthy body. I see others with far less than me and it makes me thankful for all the things that I may take for granted.

5. A job where I am appreciated. I work at Emerson Hardwood Floors in the showroom. It has opened many opportunities for me as I meet tons of contractors, homeowners, and designers. This job helps push me in the right direction for my goals and aspirations. The wealth of knowledge I have gained and the friends I have made are invaluable. Plus they pay me lol.

6. I am thankful for this blog and all my followers. This blog is the ultimate creative outlet for me. It keeps me creating and I have to say it shows me that I still have the ability to surprise myself with hidden talents I didn’t know I had. It has been 6months since I started Creative Quaintrelle I plan to push forward and show you and myself just what I’m made of.

7. I am thankful for my dog Reptar. Reptar is my baby and I love him so much. He is a person that I am responsible for and he helps push me as the better my life is the better life I can provide for him. Rain or shine he is getting exercise, he is getting rubbed and loved, and never will he have an empty belly.


8. I am thankful for my struggles. Without struggle there is no progress. No pressure no diamonds as they say. This year has been the ultimate learning experience. There has been tears, money issues (I have a shopping addiction lol), and lots of self-doubt. Through all of this things have always worked out better than I could have expected. I have learned that unexpected things are bound to happen but, I have also stumbled upon my strength. Sometimes I forget just how resourceful and strong I am and this year was definitely a reminder.


9.I am thankful for God. Without him none of these things would be possible. I thank him for all the things he has given me that I didn’t even pray for, all the ways he has opened doors for me, and all the ways he has helped me grow into his love and also into myself.


I know there are plenty more things to be thankful for. What are you thankful for this year?

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