A letter to Santa


We have all written one at some point. Before I used to ask for Polly Pocket, or and Ipod, or one year I asked for a gallon of paint (obviously I was destined to be an interior designer) BUT, what are you wanting this year? As we have all gotten older the categories sure have changed. At my house if you ask for something you need my parents are more likely to go all out on it VS asking for crap lol. Here is my letter to Santa the fat man better come through this year lol.

I want: All black vans (I used to wear these everyday before I started wearing Toms, my go to casual shoe) Get the look here!35f3f1a345221c7731f7a8ba00808c51

I need: New bed frame (I’d like to do a little shabby chic remodel this year) Get the look here!


I’ll wear: Suede over the knee boots (necessity at this point, I love the look on this girl)


I’ll read: Lena Dunham- Not that Kind of Girl Buy it here!

and I’d really love you to bring me: St. Louis Lucite chair ( I have always been in love with this chair but they can be a little spendy) Get the look here!


Here is a cute little form you can use for yourself, your kids, or your BFF. Put in the comments what you want, need, wear, or read. I’d love to see what your thinking about this year! Printable Version here!

Dear Santa,



3 thoughts on “A letter to Santa

  1. Elise says:

    Dear Santa,

    Under the tree this year…

    I want: a FitBit to keep me motivated!! & if you are feeling reeeeeally generous– a ticket to anywhere SUNNY for a week vacation away with my favorite girls ❤️

    I need: new snow tires for my car & a hair cut and color!! (Seriously.. Gray hair coming in at 26?! Get outa here!!)

    I’ll wear: over the knee black boots [the ones in this post will do! ;)] & grey booties & anything off my Pinterest “Retail Therapy” board

    I will read: anything & everything! But definitely books 4-8 of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon! 🙂

    This is a pretty hefty list.. But. I have been really good this year.. 😉


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