Honey Sriracha Chicken Breast

I know this may be hard to believe because I almost didn’t believe it myself. I have never owned a bottle of Sriracha Sauce! CRAZY RIGHT!?!? It is not a staple on my grocery list or in my fridge. Over the years it seems I like spicier and spicier food and this really fits the bill for me. Great on stir fry, mixed in soups, or added to a rice bowl. The place where I use it the most is in marinades as it has a complex spice that lends well to an overnight soak.
Honey Sriracha

1 tbsp Honey

1 tbsp Sriracha Sauce

1 tsp Grated Ginger

1 tbsp Mustard Powder

1 tbsp Water

1/4 cup Vegetable Oil

2 bone in split chicken breasts

-Rinse off chicken breasts and season liberally with garlic salt, pepper, and coarse ground sea salt. Set aside.

-Whisk together the top 6 ingredients and add to a zip lock bag. Add the chicken and mix until coated. Place on a plate in case of spills and marinate in the fridge overnight.

-Set out for about 30min before cooking to bring to room temperature. Preheat oven to 400. Heat a large skillet with a little olive oil (medium/high). Sear off the chicken breast until brown 5-6 minutes. Place on a pan and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

-Let chicken rest for at least ten minutes to redistribute the juices. This chicken was delicious and flavorful. Serve with brown rice and stir fried veggies. Really this can be served with anything the chicken is the star. Super simple super yummy.


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