New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! NYE was a night of drinking, sequins, and wishing you had eaten a sandwich. I have my college friends in town and that can only mean craziness! New Years Resolutions are definitely something I believe in. They are a good way to help you look towards the future and can set a good tone for the year whether you follow them all year or not. Goals are important people! My main resolutions in 2014 were

1.Say YES more

2.Spend money on experiences rather than stuff

I’d have to say I did pretty great on those this year. I spent money going to weddings, bachelorette parties, and concerts. I also said YES more because why not??? I have had trouble just getting my ass up and going out and having fun. So this year instead of being a hermit I became a party animal but, were young so oh well lol.



Picture of me 2015 on the left 2014 on the right


1. Get my financials in order: This year I want to try and follow the Dave Ramsey method. Save $1000, pay off debt. and 3-6 month fund. I am pretty good at following my budget but I want to do better. 2015 is a good year to work on my financial stability.

2. Invest in my blog: This blog has really become apart of my daily life and I want to make it the best. Starting with purchasing my domain name, getting business cards made, and changing the look of my blog. 

3. Be happy: Easier said than done but, I want to work on just being more of myself and not being afraid to ask for what I want. I am letting go of fear and working to live to the fullest. 

Simple right? Doable? lol What are your resolutions this year?? I would love to see them and hopefully we can keep each other going! Welcome to 2015 I can’t wait to share it with you!

IMG_2567Brianna and me! My new roommate! 

IMG_2568Carolyn, Lilly, Kelsie, and Kori my friends from college we had a blast!


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