4 girls 1 studio Apartment


Today is the last day! I went to work this morning and my last college friend will be going home this afternoon. It has been a whirlwind of drinking, eating, and dancing the night away all while staying up way too late. You wouldn’t think you could fit so much into one weekish but, we are a very ambitious group. My college friends and I have a crazy relationship we are loud, inappropriate, and belligerent at times which, is the reason why we are all so close. We have known each other mostly since 2006 so we are coming up on ten years and they say anything past seven means you’ll be together forever and I’m pretty sure we will be!


Saturday 12/27/2014

The first to arrive: Kori Thornburg

We had the task of shopping for NYE outfits. Picked her up from the train station she came all the way from the TriCities. I love to take my friends to Rae’s Lakeview Lounge. It is over by my job and they have $5 bottomless Mimosa’s during the weekend and one of the best burgers. Shopping with Kori is great as we both knew that to continue shopping we might need a drink for courage. After no luck at a few stores we went to the next mall and had to stop for a drink. Portland Seafood Company has an amazing happy hour with $1 oysters and lots of beers on tap but, we had gin and tonics too lol… We both ended up finding something covered in sequins.

picstitch (5)

Sunday 12/28/2014

Game day! I am not really a sports girl but, if there is beer involved and food I can be pushed into watching a game especially in the right atmosphere. Kori and I were met by our friend Kelsie Winters (who is an amazing hairdresser check her out at K A Salon and Spa) We watched the Seahawks and had some very loud girl talk. We went to Blitz Sports Pub which is in the Pearl District. Who would have thought that they would have the best fried Portobello mushrooms with a horseradish ranch sauce??? Of course we had only found 1/2 an outfit for NYE so back to the mall we went It turned into a little bit of craziness as we somehow ended up at Dave and Buster’s where Kori kicked my ass at every game and we ended up with some fake fangs and two shot glasses. After that we needed some food lol. One of our favorite places is Henry’s 12th St Tavern. They have a great happy hour. My two favorite things on the menu are the orange chicken and crab avocado roll.


Monday 12/29/2014

Next arrival: Elise Mahon (Cottage Grove, OR)

Sadly I had to go to work that day so I met the girls after for a little happy hour you know to beat the traffic. We went to Oba which is a Latin style restaurant. We had a pitcher of fresh blood orange margaritas and a few little snacks that had fresh everything from salsa to guacamole to braised beef.


Tuesday 12/30/2014

Next arrival: Carolyn Rotar (Medford, OR)

1st stop was The Cheerful Bullpen. When Carolyn lived downtown this dive bar was one that got our attention and they have some of the best wings. Being that there was a Portland Trailblazer game that night the only thing we got was a shot of Fireball as the place was packed! So we went to the next best thing. Things got a little serious at Buffalo Wild Wings. On Tuesdays they have .60 bone in wings. We may have gone a little overboard and hated ourselves afterward.


Wednesday 12/31/2014

Next arrival: Lily Bright (Bend, OR) with a departure of Elise Mahon

Wanna see pictures of me and all the girls from NYE?!?! Check out last week’s post! It was a crazy day as I went to work and finally got a little time to take a nap. Reptar and I were very tired at that point from entertaining the ladies. Instead of eating out as we didn’t really have time I cooked a little pasta and garlic bread as carbs were needed.

Thursday 1/1/2015

We all woke up a little out of sorts but alive. Per usual I took Reptar out to the park and went to the grocery store as we needed champagne for Mimosa’s duh… lol When I have friends over I love to cook for them so of course breakfast was prepared and alcohol was drank. Once we all finally felt like human beings again happy hour was next on the menu. I don’t normally eat P.F. Chang’s because their food is pretty generic. BUT they have an amazing happy hour I have to say they know how to do appetizers. We got spicy tuna rolls, crab and cream cheese wonton, dumplings, and fried green beans (my fav). They have a pretty good list of cocktails also. Who would have thought!?!


Friday 1/2/2015

After work closer to 8:30pm we got a big group of about 11 together to do some dinner. le Bistro Montage is a favorite of all of ours and a must do in Portland. They are famous for their Mac and Cheese which you can add just about anything to and is made to order with a variety of different options. I got the old mac, which is the traditional, with andouille sausage. I saw many others with the jalapeno bacon mac, roasted garlic mac, and shrimp with linguine. One cool aspect is they do fresh oyster shooters which the yell out to the cooks! It is a great atmosphere with amazing artwork, white linen on the tables and, candle light with an amazing list of cocktails. Then after that we hit a few bars and clubs some people may have gotten too drunk and someone may have gotten naked (no names I’d like to protect the innocent).


Saturday 1/3/2015

Departure of Kori Thornburg and Lily Bright

Today we repeated a few favorites Rae’s and Henry’s and there was also a very long nap… very long. Of course it was Saturday so we had to go out just on principle. There was a lot of weirdos… such a weird crowd that night but… when in Portland. Then it rained so of course I was ready to go lol.

Sunday 1/4/2015

Screen Door  (Review coming soon!) Brunch at Screen Door was so good it deserves its on post so stay tuned!! BUT we did veg out on some classic movies! My favorite movie of all time is Troop Beverly Hills. I can’t get enough of the fashion and one liners. Wish Upon a Star is one of the top Disney channel movies and showed me definitely that the 90’s are back. I saw clothing in there that I may have worn the day before (crop top anyone?) The Rebound kept popping up as a movie we may like so we gave it a try… We were not aware of the crude amazing humor it would have lol. Highly recommend any of these to watch on Netflix.

Untitled design

Monday 1/5/2014

Shall I call this the last supper? This may have been the only meal I had some self restraint with. Two things each and one to share and two cocktails a piece was definitely a light meal for us. Being that we didn’t eat breakfast and we took a lot of leftovers home I can call it a wash. Brix Tavern has happy hour on Mondays from 3pm-close (amazing right!?!) We didn’t even know! We had the Brix chips which is the most popular item it is verde roasted pork shoulder, baked cheddar, grilled tomato salsa, cilantro cream, and tortilla chips… your mouth is watering right isn’t don’t be ashamed… They have a lot of other items and a great list of cocktails sooo basically I have one reason to like Mondays.

picstitch (6)

Are you wondering how I didn’t die this week? Yea… me too. I love my friends but I will be just a tiny bit happy going home to just my dog… and hopefully Carolyn cleaned the kitchen and left all the booze lol. What do you like to do when you reunite with old friends?


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