Shut the Screen Door

Upon 1st drive by looking for the place we all 1st noticed:

1. There are not a ton of people waiting outside (it was raining)

2. Looks small and old on the outside

3. We did not see a Starbucks as we drove by which we were hoping to go to while we waited. 

When it comes to brunch places (BTW brunch may be my favorite meal) in taking a look online Screen Door had us from the start. We toyed with a few others… Portland City Grill, Henry’s Tavern, and Tasty and Sons. Screen Door was rated #2 on yelp and only because they have such a long wait 30-45min. We had anticipated this (hence the Starbucks idea) and from looking at the menu I was definitely willing to wait.


One thing I wished they had was a phone (maybe they did but don’t use it for this) to call us when our table was ready. We were quoted 30-45min and told to come back and check in 30min. Luckily I walked in the door at 30min and we were ready to be seated!!! Right on time! We were seated in a booth in the far back and we could people watch and see the whole restaurant.

Lets talk decor 1st! Obvi… This restaurant had everything on display. There was a huge wall of pickled everything and a whole wall of awards in the hallway (their claim to fame is all the fresh and local produce used in their dishes). The kitchen was open and you could see all the action in the right seat which is amazing! Everything was neat in a crazy kind of way. I would describe the decor as modern kitchen chic… they are definitely less is more on the decor and used a mix of natural materials.

Untitled design (1)

We ordered a few different drinks off the menu and lets just say they know how to make a drink the way I like it…. where you can taste the booze. Our waiter Ben may have been the coolest I have ever met. He came to the table and immediately knew that we would be drinking and since I couldn’t decide between a gin and tonic or mimosa he made me a drink that included both elements! They also have one of the best Bloody Mary’s super spicy and perfect for any hangover.


This menu had so many items that is was not possible to try them all in one visit but, we sure did try. We each got our own meal and a few things to try. Be careful because the portions are huge!! Everything coming out of the kitchen was definitely made for two but, it is hard to share because its sooooo damn good!


Kelsie had Huevos Rancheros: braised pork, poached egg, cilantro cream, and fresh salsa (special menu)

Amber ate Banana’s Foster French Toast, I had a Crimini Mushroom Omelet (kale, goat cheese, braised shallots and garlic) with roasted potatoes and toast with Marionberry Jam (Special menu).

image15Whiskey Hot Chocolate

SUPPORTTop picture: Close up of my fabulous brunch Bottom left: prailine bacon, breakfast corndog (breakfasts sausage and a pancake batter dipped in real maple syrup), biscuits and gravy. Bottom right: Fried oyster eggs Benedict with cheese grits.

The portions were out of this world so we each ate 1/2 of our meal and took the rest home for second breakfast. Yum…. We also watched some classic movies check out this weeks earlier post on my crazy week with my college friends HERE! Thank you Ben for your excellent service! The food was so good and I will definitely be back.

What is your favorite place to great brunch? I’d love to hear about your hometown favorite! More brunch reviews coming soon!


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