Take your Pick!

I am one person who does not hate to move. I hate to pack and move items but I love the freshness of a new space and the ability to literally start over. Designing a space for me is best at the beginning. Having everything packed up and out-of-the-way allows me to see all of the potential in a space. When I was in college I moved almost three times each year. I lived and worked in the dorms, then moved to another dorm for the summer and then, back to another dorm for the school year. Which means, I have gotten pretty good at packing (I’ll give some tips when the time comes). Which also means I am very good at unpacking an organizing. As I close the chapter on my 1st year living alone (more on that later) its time to redesign my space. Of course I need your help!


Take a look at the three options below and place your vote in the comments. Also if you see some items that would work in the design you chose add the link in the comments too! I am always down for new ideas! The winning design will be recreated in my space with a list of all the items!

Bohemian Chic

OB-Bohemian Chic

ContemporaryΒ Nautical

OB-Rustic Nautical

Dark and Cozy

OB-Dark and Cozy

Take your pick! Let me know what you decide in the comments!


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