Texting VS Talking


Everyone has their own style. With my parents I am definitely a talker and with my friends I’m definitely a texter. Talking on the phone is used for long stories, emergencies, and after you text someone and get no reply and your sitting outside their house. So in a world where you are normally one or the other what is the best way to get to know someone of the opposite sex?? When my friends or family read a text from me they read it in my voice they can tell my tone due to the fact that you normally text the way you talk… So where does that leave someone that you don’t know?? (Literally I’m writing this and I feel like Carrie Bradshaw lol)

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In this dating scene I find that texting is a great way to make plans, play what’s your favorite color, and of course for a little dirty talk. When it is so easy to convey a message through pictures and words where does that leave the power of tone of voice and dramatic pause? With online dating you learn all about someone sometime before you ever hear their voice. What if they have a terrible voice?? When talking on the phone has become a thing of the past it makes me wonder am I still able to hold a conversation over the phone?

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For example one dude actually asked me if he could call me and I literally got weirded out. Texting gives me the ability to watch a T.V. show, cook dinner, play with my dog, and hold a conversation. When I talk on the phone I literally have to stop everything. When he asked me in my head I was like umm what?!? LOL I had to call my friend (in a panic of course) and ask her if it was normal and I found myself questioning if maybe I was crazy. In high school I talked on the phone for hours!! Now it’s like a thing of the past. I personally think they both have their time and place but I can’t Iie I have enjoyed talking on the phone its like instant gratification instead of waiting 30 agonizing minutes for an answer.

What is your view on Texting VS Talking? How do you get to know someone new? What is one thing you hate about texting? What is one thing you hate about talking on the phone?? LET ME HERE YOU!


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