Smart Closet Solutions

The worst part of my day is getting ready in the morning. Having a fully organized closet does help but literally like most women of the world my apartment will be spotless up until I have to decide what I am going to wear that day. Here are my top eightΒ ways to create Smart Closet Solutions! I am hoping to implement most of these for a closet remodel for my friend Kelsie (stay tuned)


1. Double up on hanging rods to create more hanging space and give clothing room to breath. Check out this option atΒ The Container Store. Or Just add an extra rod the same as the one above.


2. Using bookcases as storage. In my closet I have a book case that is a combo of folded sweaters, shoe storage, and accessory storage. A book case with adjustable shelves is perfect for shoes and purses of all sizes. I also use a small tub on the bottom to hold clutches and flats. Bonus Tip: To keep sweaters and things from toppling over add shelve dividers.

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3. Hang up some hooks. I have hooks hanging behind the door in the closet for large bags and jewelry pieces. I also use it to hang jackets making it easy inexpensive storage.

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4. Install hanging rods for additional storage. This is a great idea for someone with a lot of clothing or someone with a small closet. Depending on your ceiling height you should be able to hang two rods and give your space a boutique look. Bonus Tip: Hang a rod directly from the ceiling and add a curtain system to hide clutter.

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5. Use baskets for storage. Baskets in a square storage system are great for accessories, socks, and other items that you need daily. It also adds a decorative element. Keep the things you use daily in the baskets so they are easy to grab when needed. Great for if you need to put storage for clothing in other places such as the dining room.

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6. Use a garment rack. Having a garment rack will give you the initiative to plan ahead. You can set out the outfit you would like to wear (or a few options) and have them out on display. Add a few shower hooks and also set out your accessories. Garment racks are also great if you have an issue (I know I do) with hanging up your clothing after a hard day at work.

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7. If you are lucky enough to have a spare room why not turn it into a large walk in closet (you can still use it as a guest room) Use the tips above or head to Ikea and design a system combining shelving and hanging space.

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8: Use rods or hanging racks to store accessories. Scarves knotted on a simple rod is a good way to store them and looks very attractive. Use a drying rack to store tank tops hanging by the straps. Makes it easy to see what you have and easy to get to.

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Now you may be wondering where I got all these wonderful ideas. Some are from trial and error and a lot are from Pinterest! Where would I be without it! Whats your favorite thing about Pinterest?? Which one of these 8 tips will you be implementing in 2015?? Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!


One thought on “Smart Closet Solutions

  1. Trena says:

    Hey! I also wanted to add a tip of mine, love all yours, they are spot on! I would point out that the “hooks” picture shows using bathroom hardware in a unique way! I see that those are various towel holders! πŸ˜‰

    Don’t include types of storage that you hate or avoid. I cannot stand hangers. I will pile my clothes on the floor rather than hang them back up. I’d even much rather fold. So I have very little hanging space (mostly dresses and jackets), and fold everything else. All of the folded items are in dressers or shelves. It works so much better for me when I make putting clothes away easier for myself. πŸ™‚


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