Thinking outside the closet

So after the closet post I went through all my ideas to come up with the perfect solution for my friend Kelsie. She is desperately in need of some Quaintrelle Treatment!


She has a few issues:

1. She is picky as hell

2. She has more clothes and shoes than she could possible wear or has ever worn (don’t we all, it’s the curse of loving fashion)

3. She has a large amount of large scale furniture pieces

4. She needs her place to serve a variety of purposes and she needs more definition in spaces

With my help I am hoping to take her through what I call the four steps of getting it together. When I do space planning or design for myself it always goes like this:

  1. Go through all of your stuff and decide what stays, goes, or gets donated and do a deep clean!
  2. Rearrange and see how you can repurpose what you have to work better for you.
  3. Pin thousands of pins on Pinterest and get a list together of what you need to complete the space
  4. Go to Ikea (I love Ikea)

One thing we have decided to do to increase her closet space as she is in desperate need is create an open closet system! This is perfect for someone that is living single as your clothing becomes an art installation and why the hell not the space is all yours for a reason!



I am going to create and open closet solution in her spaceΒ while combining her vanity area into the mix and working on her lighting situation. Can you say challenge!! I look forward to the meal she will be making me and sharing this with all of you! Stay tuned as this space gets the Quaintrelle Treatment! Would you ever utilize an open closet system in your space???

All pictures courtesy of Pinterest! Follow me and get some great ideas!


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