What I learned living alone

I moved into my 1st apartment alone last year January 3, 2014. I was nervous to live by myself but definitely looking forward to it. When I went to college I lived and worked in the dorms almost my whole college career I moved in with my ex and we lived together for about three years until our ultimate demise.  I learned a lot through those years in the dorms and living with the opposite sex but I must say, after all that time it felt good to be alone lol. Besides my puppy of course. This year I learned 5 valuable things:

  1. I am a little messy. I just get lazy and don’t put stuff away. I implement all these systems just to not follow them. So I in turn implemented cleaning Saturday back to the old school when I use to live at home at it helped a ton… no one’s perfect
  2. I am forgetful. The great thing about living with someone or having people around is they can help you remember stuff and find stuff. I am the queen of losing my keys and cell phone (the one time I wish I had a house phone).
  3. I get excited about my passions. The most fun I ever had at home was working on a project, finding a new furniture arrangement or, cooking a meal all to myself. I surprised myself this year and I love that I can continue to surprise myself with hidden talents.
  4. My dog is my best friend. Seriously if you want true love get a puppy. He has been my natural alarm clock! He keeps me active and happy. I get the most sun when I have him to drag me out of the house. He is my little energizer bunny.
  5. I don’t need a lot. Living in a studio apartment you really see what is necessary and what is not. ½ way through the year I packed up or threw away a lot of stuff because it’s just clutter and unnecessary. I learned to put the things into my space that make me happy and serve a purpose. I’ve turned into kind of a minimalist.

I am getting ready to move in with my BFF because all though I love my studio apartment I did not want to get stuck in it for another year as I am destined to be a downtown or a NE or NW girl. So I am taking a leap, saving some money, and I’m definitely going to have some fun along the way.

Here are a few things I will miss!

1. Getting ready to go out completely

Here are a few things I won’t miss:

1. Getting ready to go out completely (1)

What is your favorite part about living alone? What advice do you have for me as I gain a roommate?? I will be moving out tomorrow so wish me luck!


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