How to be the best roommate ever

Living with someone else is a fine balance of give and take. I haven’t lived with another person in a year and I never had a roommate except for 2 terms freshman year of college. My roommate Jacci became an RA and I later on followed her path. I did live suite style with Alisha and Kapua that was after a tragic time of living with Marissa. Living in the dorms is kind of like living with a roommate except the only thing you share is walls and a bathroom. When you’re an RA you get a room that is usually made for two people all to yourself and it is fantastic. When I lived in the dorms no twin bed for me I had a full size bed and a couch (perks of the profession). While all my friends were getting houses together I was saving myself the fights but also I missed out on some fun. Living with my ex was like having a husband seriously. I cooked, cleaned, and domesticated the crap out of myself. I also learned the value of compromise. He was messy I was fairly neat so we became an in between except when people came over because it was then I turned into a domestic goddess.


I am going to move in with my friend Brianna Johnson and her cutie pie son Justin (2yrs). We have spent so much time together since we became instant friends at work two years ago, that people would say we are practically the same person. Now that we no longer work together we are even closer and I think honestly this is my best case scenario for a roommate. She will do the cleaning I’ll do the cooking lol. We are practically a couple. I am nervous though… So here are a few tips and guidelines to be the best roommate ever!


Share the cleaning duties: It’s important when you have a roommate to split it up. I have no problem vacuuming, taking out the trash, and doing dishes. When it comes to cleaning I think you just do it as it comes if you follow that you should have no problems. You don’t want to be the person who leaves the overflowing trash because you took it out last time.


Share the dog duties: I personally take my dog to the park almost every day so I am looking forward to bring Bri’s dog along. I know that if she gets home before me she will take my dog to potty and feed him if needed and that’s a proper compromise.

Remember their problems are not your problems: It’s great to be able to have a roommate to talk things over with and being there for your friend but, remember it’s not your job to solve problems just to be there. Don’t internalize and it’s ok to take a break and step away.


Split the bills down the middle: I am very visual so we will have a chart showing what bills are due and the amounts split down the middle. BONUS: Get Venmo it’s a great way to transfer money to your roommate to get the bills paid or split groceries and other household items.


Remember you don’t have to do everything together: Don’t feel bad about watching your favorite T.V. show alone in your room drinking wine lol

Buy in bulk: Having a roommate can really help you save on the bills. If you both like boneless skinless chicken breast buy the bulk bag and split it. Buy the 50 roll pack of toilet paper! The world is an open area of bulk items.


Don’t eat the last: There is nothing worse than coming home to find someone ate the leftovers or finished the take out from last night. Try and be courteous and split or take turns.


Have the sex talk: We are all adults here if you’re going to be getting it on turn on the T.V., turn on a fan, put your face in a pillow get it together lol

Discuss overnight guests: If you are going to have a friend come over, or a man stay the night, or your parents are in town give your roommate the heads up ahead of time

Don’t be passive aggressive: If you have a problem with something don’t wait until you literally hate everything the person does before you say something. The worst is a big blow up over three minor little issue that you can easily just discuss.


Learn to take criticism: yes it’s hard to hear that you always leave your shoes by the door or that your makeup situation in the bathroom is out of control but remember they are not talking about you personally. Take the things you do as an external part of yourself and remember we all have little quirks and things to work on.

Replace items: If you use the 1st from the last roll of toilet paper, running low on laundry detergent, low on paper towels, low on garbage bags, used the last of the dish soap (I think you get the picture) Take some initiative and go out and get it. If you’re sharing items they can buy next time or pay you ½.


Be thoughtful: My roommate is not just my roommate she’s my friend. So I’ll buy snacks we both like, get two bottles of wine, get her a cool coffee mug because hers broke. It’s always fun to have someone that appreciates you and you appreciate them too. Everyone loves to know someone is thinking about them.


Dedicate time to each other: You would think that when you live with someone you spend more time together but, everyone is busy your schedule doesn’t change because you now share a living space. So, take out sometime to change the mundane and do something fun or out of the ordinary like late night hot tub trips. Just because you live together doesn’t mean you can’t grow as friends.


Whats your advice to me to survive having a roommate? What is your worst roommate horror story???


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