Wine Wednesday!

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Guess what time it is!!! Yes, that is correct its is time to prep for Wine Wednesday. Your welcome, I know I’m making Wednesday your favorite day of the week because lets be honest its closer to Friday than Monday and its an excuse to drink not that you need one!

Here are a couple of wine reviews to get you excited. Do your shopping tonight so that all you have to do is get through Wednesday get home and pop that cork!

Twisted Merlot $12.99

AΒ medium-bodied wine showing layered aromas of black cherry, raspberry and sweet herbs. Sprinkled with hints of sweet vanilla and oak flavors. This wine was a pick that we have actually done twice as its a great red that we all like. It has a rich flavor that is easily paired and easy to drink.Enjoy this wine with hearty beef stew, Spaghetti Bolognese or grilled sausages.

VOGA Pinot Grigio $10.99

This wine comes direct from Italy and we actually bought it at Target. What attracted us was the very attractive bottle (they have actually won many awards for their packaging!). This is a full and rich white wine with fresh apple and pear aromas. It is delicious and juicy. Pairs well with just about anything but great with something rich and creamy such as Carbonara or Pasta Alfredo.

Wine Cube-Β  Cabernet Sauvignon $16.99

This is a wine that is specifically sold at Target and we must say it did its job. This wine is produced by Trinchero Family Estates who also produces Menage a Trois (more on that at a later date). This wine is full bodied with black current and cherry notes. Great thing about the packaging is it stays fresh all the way to the last glass! Best served with a full bodied stew or a quick easy supper of roast turkey and stuffing.

Soooo let me hear you! What are you eating and drinking this Wine Wednesday?!?


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