Happy National Drink Wine Day!!

Happy National Drink Wine Day!!

So it has been brought to my attention that today is National Drink Wine Day!! So your welcome another excuse to drink wine not that you really need one. I’m so glad this gets its own day and how perfect it falls on a WEDNESDAY!!! It must be fate!

10 Facts About Wine (1)

Being that Wine Wednesday is a tradition in my home I have reached out to my friends and other lovers of wine to tell me what they love most about wine!

-Going to the vine yard. There are always at the most beautiful spots and don’t forget the tasting plate!! Cheese, fruit and, wine perfect meal

-Wine is good for your heart


-You can drink a bottle of wine to yourself and it is perfectly acceptable and you can probably still go out


-Great to share with friends


-Red wine is paleo-friendly

-Pairs well with anything steak, chicken, shrimp, and tempeh

-There is now wine ice-cream!!

– Wine gives you confidence and can makes you feel sexy


-It’s easy to sneak wine into places (wine bra, white wine in a water bottle, red wine in a hydro flask)

-Lots of different flavors and varieties for everyone

-You can drink it on a budget and there are lovely pricey ones as well


-You can do crafts with the bottles and corks when you done

-Classy way to get shit faced


-You can drink with all generations of your family, it’s a little hard to drink and AMF with your grandma

-The purple mustache from getting down on the reds is awesome

-Quick and easy gift for anyone

-Cute wine bottles!

-It also comes in a BOX!


– Gives you another reason to be on your worst behavior

– Perfect way to unwind after work


What is your favorite thing about wine and how will you celebrate National Drink Wine Day???


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