8 Top Tips: Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to show off all your interested in and create great focus in a room. They are very popular as they allow you to mix a variety of art pieces giving a room personality and style. So of course I’m creating one for myself! Here are the Quaintrelles Top 8 tips to creating a fabulous Gallery Wall. Plus you get a sneak peak into what I’m working on in my room!


1. Do some research: I looked all over pinterest to gather some inspiration on what works and what I may already have that I could add to my wall that I didn’t think of.


Inspiration picture

2. Pick a main focus and build around it: My main focus is my high gloss turquoise shelf. I placed my two larger fabric wrapped canvases on it and used it to build the rest of my wall.


3. Start on the floor: I began by laying the pieces out on the floor to see what pieces looked best next to each other and that spacing looked best. Look at this cool tutorial!


4. Measure: Try and make your pieces equal distance from each other. Don’t get all crazy but it does help to make the wall look cohesive.


5. Mix textures: I used fabric, canvas, ornate frames, and matted pictures. This helps to make the wall look organic and the mix makes the wall more interesting.


6. Use some unframed objects or frames with out images: Do you have some cool numbers or an ornate frame? Put those up as their own aspect.

The Everygirl NYC Fizz 56 Apartment Shoot by Michelle Lange Photographer

This image has a great mix of objects. They even tied in a coat rack to the design and I love the little hot air balloon.

7. Stick to a color pallet: I have one main fabric that I used to build all the rest of my gallery wall pictures off of. The main colors are blue, orange, and pink.


I love the simplicity of the monochromatic frames with the mix of pink, black, and pale blue. Of course I have a huge crush on all the pineapple prints. Want to get some of this cute art work look no further!

8. Add in a metallic: Whether it be gold or silver add in a little sparkle it will add some depth and dimension to the wall. Try this cute project to add some sparkle!


This is one of the 1st projects I recorded for my blog. Super easy and can be changed to match any color scheme. 

The great thing about a gallery wall is its like life easy to change and update. This is just the begining for my little collection I’ll be adding more soon! What do you like most about the gallery wall trend??


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