Breakfast Casserole

One thing you need to know about me… I’m not a morning person. The only reason why I get up early and can function is coffee, I want my makeup to look good, and my dog is crazy. Without these three factors I’d be better off sleeping through the whole morning. So me make breakfast in the morning… not likely. I can do easy stuff toast… cereal…fruit but, anything more I must be having a really really good start or I’m cooking for someone. The basics are fine for me lol.

Here is a yummy breakfast that you can make ahead with the basics and whatever else you have lying around. Put it in separate containers and take it to work and eat when you get ready. See, a nutritious breakfast you don’t have to make when your ½ asleep.

breakfast casserole (1)

1. Spray an 8×8 baking pan and line the bottom with the hash browns. I could fit four and then I broke up one more to fill in the cracks. It needs to be in one layer.

2. Brown the sausage (this would also be a good time to add some veggies like bell peppers or onions. Drain the oil from the meat and add to the top of the hash browns.

3. Mix together the eggs, milk, and mustard powder. Add salt and pepper to taste. Remember you won’t need a lot because of the salt in the meat. Cover the meat with the 1 cup of cheese and pour over the egg mixture.

4. Cover and bake at 350 for 30min. Uncover and continue to back at 375 for 15 more minutes until it is brown and the egg is cooked. Let cool for 10min and serve.

picstitch (9)

I want to add more to this recipe! What would you add to make this the best breakfast casserole ever??


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