Por qué no, es Exactamente Correcto

Last Friday I went out for the usual late night drinking and food. My friend Kelsie loves to go to new restaurants, as do I, and she took me to an old one for her but, new to me. In Portland, OR I really love the Mississippi area I can definitely see myself being a SE girl and Por qué no is just another reason why.

Por Que no (1)

Sooo about the décor. Can we call this native shabby chic? I loved everything about the décor! The bright colors and the displays of whatever they may have thought would work with a unifying theme of the pacific coast of Mexico. Upon walking in the place was packed and the little intimate tables and the display of fresh juice for the margaritas your senses are sure to be ignited. They had a great outdoor space and I plan to return for a hot summer day.

Untitled design

Por qué no strives to support the local economy and community. They use local meats and fresh caught seafood. They receive ingredients from many of the local farms in the area and use rice bran oil in the fryer. Let’s just say they not only look out for your hunger pains but also work on making their own mark in the community.

picstitch (10)

What we ate: 

Tamales plate with one tamale: Oaxacan style wrapped in a banana leaf, served with beans, rice, queso fresco, salsa fresca & crema a la carte, topped with salsa & crema fresca (I got the vegetarian which was sweet potato and spinach) 

Carne Asada Taco: Cascade Farms chopped steak, served traditional style with grilled onion & topped with spicy salsa de arbol, cilantro & onion

Barbacoa Taco: Cascade Farms beef brisket braised inside banana leaves in a three chile barbacoa salsa, topped with pickled red onions, cilantro & crema from Ochoa’s Queseria in Albany

Guacamole, Salsa, and housemade chips

Margarita with Agua Fresca: made with 100 Años Silver tequila, fresh squeezed lime & lemon juice & your choice of our aguas frescas ( I got the blueberry lime and Kelsie got the blood orange and mango)

The food was perfection! Fresh and full of flavor. Total with drinks we spent about $18ea which was great for a friday night and I left very satisfied! If your ever in Portland make a stop at  Por qué no I know I’ll be back!


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