Pinterest Saved my Bathroom

On Pinterests currently I have 29 boards, 5,798 pins (and counting), 877 likes (and counting), and 218 followers (more every day). If that doesn’t tell you how much Pinterests owns my life I don’t know what will! Seriously I’m on every single damn day. Pinterests was made so that you can have your ideas and links in one location to inspire you for new projects, help you get healthy, decide on a new hairstyle, and just about anything else.


You may just say its internet hoarding but, I actually do the things and complete the projects I pin on Pinterests! I have been working on organization of my bathroom as in my studio I had an amazing bathroom… extra-long countertop, tons of drawers and cabinets, even had a washer and dryer in my bathroom. So let’s just say I’ve taken a step back to no drawers, one cabinet, and a single sink countertop. If it were not for Pinterest I may have had a mental breakdown every morning while I tried to get ready.


This may be one of the most popular projects on Pinterest! One because it is super easy, customizable, and this is something that everyone needs. I bought a flat of mason jars at Fred Meyer for $11.99 and I use them not only in the bathroom but the kitchen too! I used glass stones from the dollar store and voilà makeup brush holder.


Before I added this simple rod and hooks I was detangling necklaces every single morning. Not only does it waste time in the morning but I’ve broken a few in frustration. There are a few ways to do this project you can use shower hooks and plumbing pipe or even the end of a rack. I used Bygel Rail from Ikea for $2.99 (what a steal!!) and the hooks were a ten pack for .99!


So I use a lot of different products in the bathroom as I love a nice scalding hot shower. My shower goes something like this:

-Wash my body with bar soap

-Exfoliate with exfoliating gloves

-Use a separate wash cloth to wash off the makeup from my face followed by washing with face wash

-Shave my legs (if necessary lol)

-Wash my body with a loofah and body wash

So… I’m a little neurotic! Having a shower caddy is essential but I hate having it hanging on the showerhead as everything gets wet when I move the shower head to shave my legs and it messes with the water flow. Hang it on the opposite side with a hook from Ikea ($2.99 for a two pack) problem solved! Your welcome!


When you have a small bathroom you want to keep the look clean and the color scheme to a few key elements. Adding a horizontal striped shower curtain will help the space look bigger by adding a pattern and drawing the eye out.


In my bathroom I have no drawers so all my stuff such as headbands, nail polish, lipstick, eye liner and, everything else needs a home. Using the extra shelve in the bathroom and a variety of different glass containers I was able to have everything at my fingerprints without the cluttered look. Using jars that are all the same size will make a cohesive streamlined look. I got a few of my containers at Wal Mart in the kitchen section and a few at the dollar store. Check places like Ross and TJMaxx also!

What type of organization are you using in your bathroom!! Love all these cool ideas?!?! Follow me on Pinterest for more and sneak peeks into future posts!


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