Red Hills Market

Dundee, OR… Wouldn’t say it’s a place I thought of as a major destination. This little town of 3,000 people located 30min southwest of Portland is pretty blessed I would say. This city has beautiful vineyards (which means wine duh… yum), amazing highly rated restaurants, and great scenery. One of my best friends Jessica bought a house here and we have yet to explore all the vineyards and tasting rooms (she’s pregnant!!!)

Red Hills Market is the 1st place Jessica took me to lunch and last weekend on a very sunny day we decided a second trip had to happen!

picstitch (11)

This restaurant/ catering company/cooking studio has a lot to offer. They sell local meats in the ice chest, has a plethora of wine options and local beers, as well as an amazing food menu. To top it all off they also make baked goods from fresh s’mores cookies to amazing cakes and pies. The décor is a mix of rustic charm and industrial accents. They have a full garage door that opens into an outdoor area and the wooden picnic tables add to the charm. The chalk board menu and exposed air ducts adds juxtapose of natural and industrial materials. The charming displays of local products and the open style kitchen only adds to the major appeal of the restaurant.

picstitch (12)

What we ate: 

Craft Sandwich: Hill Farms smoked ham with spiced honey butter and gruyere cheese*, roasted in the wood fired oven.

Craft Sandwich: Roasted natural turkey, Gina Marie cream cheese, sliced apple, & baby arugula

Peach Hard Cider

Basil Lime gin and tonic

Lemon Sour cream pie with fresh raspberries

S’mores chocolate chip cookie

If you are ever looking for a great place for a day trip Dundee, OR may be the place. Take a look at this travel guide to help you plan your trip! Don’t forget to check out the menu at Red Hills Market.


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