I am my Mothers Daughter

So this weekend I found this little gem while helping my mom decorate the downstairs. Isn’t she bomb??? The craziest thing is the night before I had on the very same jeans and I also have the very same haircut… it got me thinking… Are we more alike than I thought?? I always say to myself seriously my Mom is crazy, amazing, but crazy. She always tells me that we are more alike than I would like to admit and seriously this picture was the icing on the cake.



1. One time my friend Kelsie was getting her nails done and she asked me to pick between pink and red. I told her to get pink because red nail polish is for whores… my mom always told me I could never have red I can’t get it to this day.

2. I see food as a way of showing love even if I’m mad at you I’ll still make you a meal.

3. I cut all my hair off and grew it back then cut it again. My mom always switched back and forth between the two and I am now the same way.

4. I make my bed. As a kid I hated making my bed way make my bed when I’m just going to get back in it?? Now I feel like my room isn’t clean if my bed isn’t made.

5. If I don’t know what I want to eat I won’t eat anything. My mom is soooooo picky about food and she knows what she wants when she wants it. Literally if I can’t get what I want food wise I will magically become not hungry and irritated.

6. I get on fashion kicks. My mom loves clothes and shoes and values looking good. There were the different colored leather jackets, the wrap dress, and the suits. For me there was vans in every color, crop tops, and graphic t-shirts. It comes in waves.

7. I constantly loose things. Mostly my keys and my cell phone. I have to stop everything and find it and I’ve even been late to work because I couldn’t find my keys then find them in my purse when I dumped the whole thing on the counter.

8. I’m impatient. If I decide I want to do something I do it that day I don’t wait. If I ask you to help my with something and your slow to action you will look up and I’ll have already finished it myself.

9. I’m a little OCD. There is a bread knife and a cake knife… Cut the brownies in a straight line and use a spatula… hot food hot cold food cold… wine glasses are for wine… you get the picture lol I’m just a little crazy. I can’t watch someone cook without intervening.

10. People tell me I have a big butt and I don’t believe it. As a child I told my mom, “When I grow up I wanna have a big butt like yours and big hips”. I look in the mirror and I am still imagining my mom’s butt on my body and I don’t see it. I tell her that her butt is big and she tells me to shut up no its not… I am my Mothers Daughter.

Untitled design (10)

Hows that for a #Flashbackfriday??? Even though I try not to admit it my mom has given me so many tools and so much wisdom. She literally shows me that you can have it all and you don’t have to take crap from anyone. Mother knows best?? What traits did you get from your mom??


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