Septum Ring: It’s having a moment

I love piercings and tattoos. Out of all my siblings I’m definitely the wild child. Now I am not doing these things as an act of rebellion its more out of personal preference. If I had my way and a non corporate job I’d have a full sleeve and a few tasteful face piercings just because it fits my personality. Tattoos and piercings are becoming less taboo but there is still a portion of people who are put off or afraid of them. There is also a portion of people who either don’t care or are completely intrigued. Untitled design (6) Septum piercings have become very popular you see them on everyday people as well as actresses…. So I started thinking could I pull off this look? In the corporate world I knew it wouldn’t fly but I knew I could try it out for my life you know a little work/life balance. I’ve been wearing this cuff for the past month as soon as I get out of work and here is what I found out. IMG_3022 1. You have to be pretty badass to pull it off: When I bought mine from SalmonNaturals out of Toronto I thought to myself go big or go home. I didn’t want a little one I wanted to make an impact. If your gonna rock it rock it! I will say thought the first night wearing it I found it hard to look people directly in the eye because I felt uncomfortable with it. As the night went on it just became apart of me.

2. Having a facial piercing made we want to get done up. I realized that having this piercing I would be attracting a lot of attention to my face. So of course I put on make-up and lipstick. Without it I felt like everyone would look at the piercing and not me. Also all the girls I see with the piercing look amazing it almost forces you to go that extra mile.


3. It makes your nose run. So of course everything is not gonna be glamorous! It made the spot under my nose really cold and that made my nose run and I had to lift the piercing to wipe under it as it also gets some condensation. Super cute right?? 4. People who knew me well were not surprised to see me with the piercing. Many of my friends were like it was only a matter of time or soooo cute on you perfect for your personality. People that I hadn’t talked to in years or that didn’t know me well were the most surprised. Many of them were against me having it. Good thing it’s my face right… picstitch (13) 5. I think I am finally an adult to my parents. Normally my mom would freak out. She always freaks out as she is worried about the image we portray to the world and rightfully so. When my mom saw me she didn’t even say anything I had to ask her and she told me it was my face.

Truth be told i’m pretty addicted to it. I hate when I don’t have it on. Yes, currently I have only a couple of friends wearing them so YES I feel a little out of the box and like a badass lol. With all trends as you know the market gets flooded. Currently I have only seen the cuff online. Meaning it will be a little harder for the basics to get a hold of lol. In my best situation I could commit to the piercing and live a long prosperous life with it but, for now I’ll rock it when I can!

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