Overalls: 5 Chic ways to get it right


Overalls bring me images of Oshkosh, toddlers, and farmers. I saw this trend starting Summer 2014 and I of course jumped on it and allowed it to also lead me into Fall. The thing about overalls is you have to find the perfect style and fit. A girl that can make overalls sexy has to have a sense of her body proportion and herself. It takes style to turn farmer girl to chic street style.

I bought my overalls at H&M. They have a high waist fit, low back on the straps, with a very dark wash. This works for me as I have an hourglass shape. So the high waist accentuates my small waist and shows off my curves, the dark wash helps to balance and, the low straps allow me to wear my favorite CROP TOPS!

Untitled design (11)

here they are in a different wash

Here are 5 Chic Ways to get it right!

Denim on Denim

Untitled design (16)

Rock them black

Untitled design (12)

Wear them Distressed

Untitled design (15)

Add layers

Untitled design (13)

Rock a crop top

Untitled design (14)

How are you rocking your overalls? Is this a Love it or Hate it??? Want to see what other styles I like?? Check my style board on Pinterest! Happy Monday!


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