26 Things i learned before turning 27


1. Loving your body is step one. I talk bad about my current body the same way I did about my body at 21. You don’t see what other people see so love your body and take care of it.

2. Best friends make everything better.

3. I still have the ability to surprise myself.

#4 Short hair is amazing!!

5. Its ok to party every weekend and it doesn’t make you not wifey material! Mr.Right is not going to break into your home.

6. Wine is always a good idea.

7. Give yourself some credit many people would love to be in your position. Count the things you have not the things your missing.

8. It’s not always showing skin that makes you sexy it’s about showing your shape.

9. You don’t have to explain to people why you don’t hang out or talk to them anymore.

#10 Laugh at yourself

11. Men are dumb.

12. Less is more you don’t need a ton of stuff to be happy just the right stuff.

13. Don’t think so much, you’ll create problems and stress for yourself (typical me).

14. Always have a book your reading.

15. It’s ok to be in the position you are in. Always strive for more but enjoy where you are now.

16.Taking a vacation or going on a day trip with friends will never be a bad idea.

17. When life gets hard your never to old to call on your parents.

18. You don’t have to use your degree traditionally alone it will open many doors don’t put yourself in a box explore the options

#19 Want true love- Get a puppy!

20. Its ok to have one to many… let go you work hard lol

21. Alone time is a must, enjoy your own company, do things just for you, I’m the most creative when I have time to myself

22. Being able to cook is a powerful thing

23. Never be afraid to try something new, some of the things I enjoy the most now were things I was afraid to try.

#24 Be yourself apologetically (2)

25. Forgive people, don’t do it for them do it for you.

26. Enjoy life, it’s the only one you have so make it rich with memories and filled with nights you may or may not remember


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