Man pleasing Meals

So one of my girlfriends and I were having a conversation last night and she was telling me about a few dudes she just started talking to. All three of them asked her the same question, “Can you cook?”


We are both in the later mid part of the 20’s and it got me wondering…. Would you date or even be interested in a woman that can’t cook?? Its seems to be to me that cooking is a lost art form and many young girls can’t cook but, they can sure slay some eyebrows lol. Is cooking still an important aspect of what makes a woman?? Now let’s be clear I have nothing against a woman who can’t cook but, if a man is given two identical woman one can cook and one can’t I don’t see how the woman who can’t could win umm… do you not like to eat??? Literally this is an added bonus lol.


I get asked this question quite often and if you follow me on Instagram or read my blog you know that I slay in the kitchen and I also am in love with my brow lol. Men are always asking me, “When are you gonna cook for me?” I don’t break out the pots and pans for just anyone. I personally think men love a woman that can cook!

  1. Most men love to eat
  2. Yes it is a way to a man’s heart (cliché but true)
  3. Sure it reminds them of their mom, but it also reminds them that you are a woman who could take care of them and maybe a family

Little tandem tidbit: I’m not cooking to prove I’m “Wifey Material” but, I’ve been raised that women cook and I enjoy it more than anything and who doesn’t love compliments on their cooking??? So we were thinking what meal should you have on deck to impress?? Let’s be honest main meals you make for a man are Breakfast and Dinner… ain’t nobody got time for lunch lol


  1. A woman that can grill is an amazing thing. Maybe spice it up with some carne asada tacos or make a classic steak with some amazing sides such as twice-baked potatoes, onion straws, or creamed spinach. Want to kick it up a notch? Create a few steak toppings HERE!
  2. Pancakes are a simple easy breakfast and show off a little skill in the kitchen. Make him the perfect buttermilk pancakes with a recipe I use all the time. Perfect pancakes one click away
  3. Chicken is pretty much the easiest staple but, it’s not exactly exciting so if you want to make a chicken dish you’ll need to make it sing. I cook this chicken dish for everyone and it’s a real favorite. Bacon wrapped and cheese stuffed.
  4. Pasta can go with any medium and is quick and easy to make. For a lot of my girlfriends I make chicken fettuccine alfredo with broccoli. It’s a little heavy so… try this recipe out I’ve been eating it since I was a kid and while it is very easy to make it looks very impressive. Only takes about 30min! Quick and easy pasta dish!
  5. If you are unfamiliar it is an egg-based Italian dish similar to a crustless quiche. You make it similar to an omelet and cook it off the rest of the way in the oven. Very customizable. I like to add milk and incorporate lots of air by whisking vigorously creating a light fluffy egg dish. Here is a basic recipe to get you started: Quick cooking lesson
  6. Soul food. The only thing about doing this is it may take some time so a plan is needed for sure. Soul food could mean different things to different people but my ladies are talking about southern style cooking!! Fried Chicken, collard greens, corn bread, sweet potatoes, Fried catfish, baked beans, mac and cheese and, all the others. (I feel a blog post coming on)
  7. French Toast. Great to make as everyone normally has what you need laying around. Some old bread, milk, eggs, cinnamon. You can also make it a little more special by adding chocolate or fruit. Better yet stuff that French toast. Here is an amazing recipe Give it a try!
  8. BOOZE. Make that man a drink or crack open a beer they are very simple creatures. Its the thought that counts maybe you add in some chips and salsa and some Netflix.
  9. It is great to cook for him you know, add on that second layer to your personality but, why not cook together?? Let him be your sous chef! Here are a few great meals you can cook together! See here!


With all that said I am a firm believer that you shouldn’t expect something from someone that you don’t do yourself. Cooking is not just a womans game men so please, learn to cook. The only thing sexier than a woman in the kitchen is a man. So men don’t be afraid to recreate a few of these recipes for yourself.



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