Letter to the Editor

Hey CQuaintrelle!

Now I am fully aware that I am far from a male but I can still answer this question. “Babe I don’t care that you suck at cooking and can’t cook altogether”, said no man ever and really meant that.

Ever since I was the age in which I could understand basic hazards and sanitation rules of the kitchen, my mother had me in the kitchen there was no choice. Behind every pan, pot of boiling oil, rinse of greens and turning of bacon as the grease popped on my high yellow arm lay a valuable lesson that would mold me into the woman I am today. My momma stressed to me early on that a real woman is the foundation of a family and should be able to work a job, cook a homemade meal and keep a clean home in which she can be proud of. Now over generations this “old school” view has been deemed as demeaning towards a woman and thus forwarding us into a generation which woman have lost the common knowledge of being able to cook chicken or steam broccoli.

 The most upsetting part of all is the dumbasses that think that shit is cute… its not! The Lord implanted old fashion values of a woman and he does not make mistakes. Had those values transcended into our generation a woman who can cook, nuture, work hard and keep a clean home while holding true to her faith would be the most dangerous and powerful woman of all. Just because you tend to your man and or children does not make you a slave or mean you don’t value the upward movement of woman and equality of the sexes. Believing in that foolishness of thinking does. You are as strong as your beliefs allow you to be. Plus my momma always told me the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. I’m just saying as women we need to do better.

 Show me a man that doesn’t care whether his girl can cook and I will kindly in not too many words dismiss him #bloop. Keep your man fed, respect him, empower him mentally, encourage him spiritually, make a house a home and I bet he’ll treat you like a queen as long as you embody such energy. Men will continue to give attention to women who don’t bring as much to the table as they aren’t asking for much and when we as women rise to the occasion they will need to follow suit. So YES cook girl, pick up a spatula, learn some recipes, hell take some classes if you need to.


Quaintrelle Reader 

As women I feel we should define ourselves the way we would like. I would never shame a woman for not cooking or for choosing to cook. It is all about choosing as women how we would like to define ourselves. It is an important conversation to have so that we as woman can stand united and support the choices of each other. Have a great weekend ladies!



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