Hats for Spring


Small Brim Wool Fedora: Forever 21 Chambray Shirt: Old Navy Shoes: Urban outfitters old See Similar Pants: Bleulab Reversible Detour Legging Jeans in gray Sold Out

I have never been the kind of girl that wears hats. I love having short hair but I have to say sometimes it limits you when it comes to hats. I was always worried about looking like a boy! Since my goal back then was to rock a snap back or fitted cap that could have definitely happened but, times have change and so have I. Hats are very in and I’m not talking about those specifically for the male persuasion but hats that are chic and have style. Even with short hair these looks are very on trend and perfect for Spring!

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Why I love this Trend- wool fedora

1. Dress it up or dress it down: This look works great with a bohemian vibe or paired with a jumpsuit and heels for a night out on the town.

2. Works with all hair lengths: I love a hat that loves short hair! I push my hair to the front or curl it to one side and put the hat on.

3. Shade from the sun: It is very important to protect your skin. Not only should you rock a BB cream with sun protection in the summer but, a hat is a cute added piece of sun protection.

4. Adult version: While rocking a fitted leather cap can add some adult appeal this type of fedora/ bowler styling adds a chic feel to any outfit. Its the adult version of the baseball hat.

5. Its fun: Its always fun to try something new and step outside your comfort zone. I hadn’t worn this type of hat before but do not be afraid go to the store and try one on! You’ll never know till you give it a try plus… all the cool girls are doing it lol


What new trends are you rocking this Spring??


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