May is Masturbation Month!

Seriously there is a month dedicated specifically to masturbation. So if you’re wondering yes I am pro masturbation. If you are too give me a high five!!! Or maybe… a fist bump… I know what you do with those hands lol. After all if you can’t love yourself how the hell… are you going to help someone else get the job done lol.


When I turned 18 the 1st thing I thought was OMG I can go to the sex store. Forget lottery tickets! Literally my last high school years were spent taking a spin around the store with my girls and buying inappropriate T-shirts (they have the best ones lol). I worked at a restaurant in High School and I was one of the youngest and I received two vibrators as going away to college gifts (I guess they wanted me to feel liberated). When I was in college I took a Human Sexuality course and attended a few Pure Romance parties. I am still in contact with the 1st person who ever led a Pure Romance Party I attended!


Veronica and I go way back! Actually the last time I saw her she was pregnant with her 1st child and was still preachin and teachin. She is an adventurous lady and I am not one to be shy so when she needed someone to test out the behind the door sex swing of course I volunteered lol. Yes she put me in a sex swing and lifted me up at as I remember 6 months pregnant. So basically were friends for life! She has agreed to partner with me on this post by answering some questions and giving a SPECIAL DEAL to my readers!

Meet VERonica

Veronica hansen

 Why do you think masturbation is important? 

Masturbation is important because it allows us time to fantasize, learn what feels good, and orgasms enhance our overall health by improving our mood. The age old saying “you have to love yourself before you can receive love,” definitely applies to orgasms lol. If you don’t know how to pleasure your own body, you can’t expect someone to come along and magically figure it out for you. Women should not be afraid to explore their own bodies, it’s natural and empowering!

Why do you think even in 2015 that masturbation is still a topic not widely talked about when it comes to women?

Socialization has a lot to do with why women feel embarrassed to discuss their sexuality. Media portrays men as being very sexual and women being opposed to sex. What’s interesting is that I find the exact opposite is true. The vast majority of my clients complain that their partners want sex less often than they do. Media also does not do justice to women experiencing pleasure during sex. Movies make it seem like women can have orgasms during intercourse, even the medical community loves to throw around the term “female sexual dysfunction” in relation to women being unable to climax during intercourse. Reality is, the clitoris isn’t located in a place that makes orgasm during intercourse practical without the aid of additional stimulation. Orgasms don’t just happen, they are as a result of direct clitoral stimulation -i.e. a finger, a c-ring, or a vibrator. Women should know it is actually quite rare to orgasm during intercourse and that DOES NOT mean their is anything wrong with them!

What items would you recommend most for someone getting started with masturbation? (different toys, products, techniques) 

It’s so corny, but our most important sexual organ is our brain. Women need mental stimulation to reach orgasm. So relaxation, visual stimulation, and physical stimulation all need to align in order for women to reach orgasm. We have a cream called Boost that helps the clitoris become hyper sensitive, that helps the body to feel aroused, which often means the mind has an easier time relaxing and becoming aroused. Most first time vibrator users will purchase a bullet. Bullets are nice because they provide direct clitoral stimulation and offer a variety of uses such as nipple stimulation and partner stimulation as well. I always say there is no right or wrong way to use a toy, if it feels good, you’re doing it right.

For Masturbation Month Veronica is offering a SPECIAL DEAL for all my readers!

blog sale

You can shop her website at PR Veronica or here is a link to her Online Catalog! Thank you so much Veronica for being involved and supporting Creative Quaintrelle!


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