Howdy Podnah: Brunch Time

BBQ for breakfast? I can’t think of anything I’d rather have more. Let’s make it even better and do brunch! It seems like individuals 25-35 are concerned with brunch more than any other meal. There is nothing like a good cocktail and a good meal at a time where you are actually coherent enough to make intellectual conversation and not too hungry that your hangry lol. Podnahs gave my girls and I all the southern charm and comfort that we could have hoped for.


Podnahs 1st opened in 2006 and honors the owners Texas roots with its name which is Texan for partner. Located in NE Portland it has all your typical Portland necessities: outside seating, fully stocked bar, and amazing food. The crew at Podnahs is getting up at 5am and never precooking the meat meaning what they smoked that day is what you eat. Fresh, high quality, and slow smoked.


Sooooo let’s talk décor! Podnahs reminds me of everything that is great anout Portland.  Use of natural materials, amazing art work, and commonplace items used in a new and exciting way. The natural concrete flooring in contrast to the natural wood seating provide that feeling of hot and cold. The tables are outfitted with the six packs of traditional sauces and honey and silverware wrapped in brown paper napkins. The bright blue walls and colorful art work give the space a pop. The bar and exposed kitchen add warmth and an inviting feel.

What did we eat??

Untitled design (19)

Bloody Mary and Mimosas 

Basket of biscuits– Served hot with jam and butter. This was hands down the best biscuit I have ever eaten and I know all my girls would agree. I dont know whats in it whether its butter, shortening, or a mix but I need the recipe in my life!

Brian’s Pulled Pork Sandwich with Caste Iron Cornbread

Catfish Breakfast (Special of the day!)– Cajun fried catfish served with grits, 2 eggs any way, and a biscuit.

Biscuits and Gravy– Two biscuits served with country sausage gravy and two eggs any way.

The best thing about going to brunch with your friends is you can trade them a bite of what you have for a bite of what they have. I was able to taste everything and left there overly satisfied. I’ll definitely be going back. Check it out here!


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